3-in-1 PowerWave Wireless Charging Station by Anker

Fact – without a battery, your smartphone will not work. Without a charger, you will not be able to charge the battery. In other words, the charger is the essential item to keep your cell phone working.

Despite the fact that there are several charging choices available these days, including solar-powered options (check Solargenerator. guide’s top pick for more). The reality is that you only discover how important it is to have a charging station when you need one.
There is a huge variety of chargers on the market, such as wall chargers, wireless chargers, portable chargers, cables, docking stations.

Dock stations are notebook accessories that can transform the laptop experience into something closer to a traditional desktop.

Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes, but the two main design styles are docks and pillows. Docking stations tend to be designed specifically for phones and keep them upright – horizontally or vertically – so they can still be viewed easily.

The accessory allows you to expand your computer’s connectivity by adding extra USB ports, memory card readers, or even ports to connect an external video card.

Choosing the best one will depend on your needs. Thinking about it, I am testing the 3-in-1 PowerWave wireless charging station by Anker this month, to understand what and how it would be useful in my daily tasks. Here are my thoughts on this wireless charging station.

What is a 3-in-1 PowerWave Wireless Charging Station?

This all-in-One Charging is a phone-charging stand, with a wireless charging pad all built-in, you can now power up your phone, watch, and earbuds—all at the same time.

This charging station can charge three devices at the same time, which is convenient for your life. The charger bracket is also placed and adjusted to and support your phone in the best way it is possible.

Using just one cable to charge all your devices, smartphones, smartwatches, and air pods will make your space or headboard tidier.

What You Get? A power Wave 3-in-1 Stand with Watch Charging Cable Holder, 18W USB-A wall charger, 5 ft USB-A to C cable, welcome guide, our 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


What should you get a 3-in-1 PowerWave Wireless Charging Station?

To start with, with this Anker charging station you no longer must use individual chargers for your mobile devices.

It’s not a fit for galaxy watches. So, I couldn’t use it as a watch charger. But overall, it’s an excellent multi-charging station for those who need to use multiple devices at once but don’t want to have many cables spread at home. Its slim design with a non-slip case makes this product the same charger for mobile phones of all sizes.

It has a modern and elegant design, in addition, its height and inclination are adjustable, so the positioning will be perfect, according to your need. As it is collapsible, you can take the table anywhere, keeping it in your bag, backpack, among others. But what I love most about it is that if you don’t want to take off your case every night just to charge your phone, this charger can supply power through a case.

*I received the product complimentary from Anker for testing purposes

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