Tips on Starting a Family Meditation Routine

Meditation has changed my life in many ways. From building discipline to dealing with anxiety. Cultivating emotional balance, self-knowledge, awakening mindfulness, with more harmony and tranquillity, is what we all want for our family, isn’t it?

Thinking about it, I’m going to share simple strategies to help you get into the family meditation habit and meditate like a pro.

Why Meditate as a Family?

When you meditate as a family, you start growing a healthy habit as well. It’s also a quite helpful way to deal with some serious issues like – divorce. But did you know that family meditation can be helpful during the divorce?

As meditation helps reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and anger by improving your concentration, presence, and physical health, it penetrates all areas of your life – your work, your relationships, your hobbies.

If you are looking for a way of bringing the family together, meditation is also a great way to bring more harmony, peace, and concentration into our lives.

With family meditation, children, young people, and adults are more connected and more balanced.

Children tend to copy what adults do. If they see the parents meditating, they will probably be a bit curious about the activity. So, why not meditate and let the observe, to assimilate the practice as natural?

The aim is to show her what it’s like to be in a meditative state and help them to realise how this is an important part of her daily life.

But remember that children mindfulness practices need to be light and pleasant. And never force a child to meditate! Conduct the practise naturally, at the right time for each one.

Some more tips on starting a family meditation routine:

Stick to a Routine

It is good to set aside a specific time, which is feasible for everyone, to meditate daily with the family. A great time for meditation in the morning after waking up, as it helps to calm the body and focus the mind, making it good preparation for the day ahead.

However, if this is not possible during this period, try to set aside time to meditate in the evening, before dinner, or an hour before bed. Regardless of the time, the important thing is a daily practice. Over time, schedules will adjust to family activities.

Be creative!

In meditation, repetition is synonymous with the result. As with physical activity, keeping frequency is the key to achieving the benefits. It’s worth making the moment more special, turning the practice into something your family does together, or part of a set of pleasurable activities like playing or reading.

Choose a Special Space

If possible, choose a special space at home for meditation. You can even call it “Meditation Corner”. It will certainly help the family to understand that this space should be quiet, and perfect for their daily practice.

Set some rules when “using” the space too. Before entering the meditation corner, everyone should leave their mobile phones and worries outside. It will help the family to focus on the meditation moment.

All these tips will help you to create a perfect environment to make the meditation in the family more enjoyable and practical.

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