Christmas Mindfulness and Wellbeing Gift Guide

I am all for a bit of mental health care and wellbeing. At the same time, we need to care about ourselves, we need to look after our loved ones too.

Practicing self-care should never be seen as a trend that goes away from time to time. This practice must be part of our lifestyle and needs to be celebrated always, whether through good deeds for yourself or gifts that will contribute to people’s well-being.

So, why not start to improve wellbeing this Christmas by spreading some extra care around? Here are my Mindfulness and Wellbeing Gift guide ideas for this festive season.

Time for Me Box – Holly Blue Holt

I understand that we just don’t have time to put together a set of products that could be good for your mental and physical well-being. Sometimes, we just need an extra push to set our mood.

That is when a well-being seasonal gift box can be the best pressie for loved ones. A Time for Me box is fulfilled with goodies to have a positive impact on friends and family this Christmas.

Fidget Ring

Or if you are looking for a more classic piece of jewellery, a fidget ring is a pretty and colourful gift to your loved ones. It’s a great present for those who love a piece of jewellery and want something fun to go for this Christmas.

Wax Melts – Yuugen


I have a special connection with scents. I don’t know how to explain it. Just have memories triggered by scents and fragrances. And I think that a set of wax melts can bring special memories and feelings through unique blends.

For this reason, I recommend you choose the best ones. Yuugen’s wax melts are packed with fragrance and infused with dried botanicals that will certainly trigger the best memories and feelings this Christmas. Don’t forget to use my code SIM15 to have 15% off on all products. 🙂 

Coffee Box- Rise Box

I don’t know about you, but I do love coffee. A nice cup of coffee in the morning brings me peace and energy to start the day. But I am not talking about the tasteless one you get from a local chain coffee shop. I am talking about special roasted and blended ones.

And if you want to treat a coffee lover right this Christmas, I would recommend going for a lovely coffee gift box with handpicked coffee locally sourced from independent coffee roasters in the UK.

Classic Candles – Ralph’s Orchard

Candles and well-being walk side by side. They are perfect pressies to boost your mood and make you relax. I am sure family and friends would be quite happy to light a classic scented candle when reading a book or watching tv on their own. Ralph Orchard offers a range of eco-friendly soy wax candles to help bring peace and calm into your home.

Stationery Box – The Stationery Society

I can find my peace of mind by going for a walk or reading a book. And I can also feel quite relaxed when writing and studying. For this reason, a perfect well-being pressie for me is a stationery box too.

A nice set of notebooks to keep your thoughts and some creative cards to celebrate a special occasion is everything we need. A subscription box is everything you need to make someone happy, boosting their creativity and wellness. But, please make sure you can find reliable services around.

Be Calm Walking Meditation | The Happy Club

It’s a fact that meditation is essential for achieving mindfulness. It was my best friend for the last two years and I think I can`t leave without meditating anymore. So do my friends and family.

For this reason, I think you should give the Be Calm Walking Meditation experience to someone you care about this Christmas too. The Be Calm collection provides a variety of meditations from a walking meditation, beginners awareness exercise, setting an intention (great before a meeting), gratitude, and a full relaxation body scan.

Mineral Mask – The Dead Sea Co.


There is no self-care without masks. Fresh silky-soft skin and a sense of wellbeing are everything you need this festive season to make someone relaxed and ready to start 2022 in the right mood. This mineral mask is made has detoxifying powers to help soothe, soften, and hydrate your skin.

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