How to Maintain your Holiday Home

Let’s be honest. When we are on holiday, we barely think about anything else than what we have planned to do during the time off. When we go on holiday, we want to have access to things that are different from what we are used to in our daily lives.

The truth is that the holiday house was designed to bring comfort and fun to those who visit it. However, its maintenance cannot be limited to the season in which it is most used: it requires care throughout the year.

Thinking about this, I have put together some tips on how to keep your holiday home updated whether you rent it or use it as a place to spend your own holidays.

Get Professional help

It doesn’t matter if you have a nice bungalow on the beach or a cosy cottage in the Cotswolds, having home management services is quite a helpful way of keeping your property in safe hands. A holiday letting agency usually helps you to keep your property in the spotlight.

Especially if you are thinking about letting your home this Christmas holidays or during the whole year for extra income, right? They won’t only take good care of it, but also make sure it will generate profit.

Clean and Tidy it

But if you prefer to do the maintenance of your holiday property, it’s also important to follow some easy steps.

When a property is not used for long periods, the air is still – it does not circulate. This facilitates the appearance of mould. When inhaled, this can cause breathing problems.

If you have a housekeeper, ask them to open the doors and windows a little at least three times a week. Otherwise, you should keep an eye out for possible infiltrations, leaks, broken tiles or leaking pipes, which increase the chances of mould onset.

It’s quite important to let the air circulate, place mattresses and pillows in the sun, wash bed, table and bath linen, wash household utensils, mow the lawn, clean the swimming pool.

By doing this, you can prevent your family from being exposed to dust and mould spores from a house that has been closed for months.

Keeping a holiday house tidy might seem a little difficult, but by following our tips, you’ll have more peace of mind with your property and avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Keep everything clean and dry, have well-ventilated rooms and look for ways to protect your belongings

Getting to Know your Neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours and having a good relationship with them is a great way to increase the security of your holiday property.

It will be likely they will keep an eye on the surroundings, thus being able to report any suspicious movements.

Especially If your property is abroad, and you only visit it once or twice a year. In addition, you can form a partnership with them and ask them to take a closer look at your home, especially during periods when no one is there.

Invest in Security

Security systems are good investments when having a valuable holiday home.

Think about the possibility of investing in electronic monitoring, alarms, surveillance companies, internal video circuits and integrated technologies that allow communication with you by SMS if there is an accident. Taking out property insurance can also be interesting.

CCTV is also a good long-term investment. But when you have an external camera system, it certainly will add value to your property.

Simone Ribeiro
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