Christmas Travellers and Adventurers Gift Guide

Throughout the year, there are countless festive dates to give special presents to loved ones. But this is not always an easy task, no matter how much we know the person.

The truth is that every travel lover loves to receive gifts that evoke their true passion. And if it’s to make your adventures more practical, even better!

Looking for the perfect gift for those who love being on the road is not always easy. After all, the pampering possibilities for those who are passionate about travel are almost as great as the world travellers must explore.

We tend to think a bit outside the box and end up buying pretty much the same, but calm down, making your life easier is our mission here!

Do you want to hit the nail on your travel lover’s heart memento? We’ve suggested a list with tips and gift ideas to please all types of travellers.

Sheep Leather Gloves | Trend Him

For the adventures that like to join adventures in colder days as well, nothing better than investing in some cosy and fashionable sheep leather gloves can be your best deal for this Christmas.

Leather is known to absorb heat and retain warmth. Combine that with soft fleece lining and you’ve got a pair of men’s gloves that will keep you cosy and looking sharp.

Luggage Tag & Passport Cover | PrimaBerry London

It seems a bit strange, but I can’t wait to face the shenanigans of the airport and long-haul flights again. For travellers, sorting out travel gear is always an exciting part of planning a trip too.

For this reason, I just like to pick the best. These luggage tags and passport cover give me the travel bug feelings. A gorgeous combo with a colourful design to ensure you can spot your tray straight after passing luggage control and you will know which one is your suitcase at the luggage belt.

Yoga Mat & Picnic Blanket Carrier | Scaramanga

For the adventurers who like to keep their yoga routine when on the road, this carrier is a perfect leather travel accessory to have with you wherever you go.

It comes with a detachable crossbody strap so you can be hands-free when travelling to or from your yoga class or a picnic in the park. And it is also a perfect accessory to have when going for a wander outdoors or preparing a picnic.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle | Wentworth Puzzles

I love my jigsaw puzzles, and I can’t think about a better present to take with you when travelling with family to a relaxing destination.

If you are looking for a festive puzzle to have enjoyed with friends and family, I am happy to recommend a Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzle that is hand-designed to introduce specially themed whimsy pieces.

Each puzzle piece is designed to give that extra challenge to you, rarely will you find two pieces the same shape.

Luxury Candles | Yuugen

I don’t know if luxury is the right adjective to use when talking about these special candles. They are just my favourite ones, and I am sure Yuugen candles has set the bar quite high when it comes to experiencing the scents from around the world.

So, I invite you to try also indulge yourself in these unique scents and fragrances that will bring special memories and feeling to everyone who likes visiting. Believe me, it’s a unique experience indeed. Don’t forget to use my code SIM15 to have 15% off on all products. 🙂 

Handwoven Round Bicycle Basket | The Bike Club

Cycling is a quite popular activity in the UK. People take their bikes wherever they go. So, it is not surprising that bike accessories could make a perfect present for the whole family at Christmas.

This charming Zambarau bike basket in a bright turquoise and berry purple pattern can be scaled down in size to fit children’s bikes and scooters and supplied with two leather buckle brackets for attaching to handles.

And it comes with a thank you card from the weaving co-operative that made yours.

Soundcore Life 3 Earbuds | Anker

If you know me, you probably already know how I take seriously my music when I am travelling around. I can not leave without my earbuds or headphones. And I can imagine it is the same for all travellers out there.

And I am obsessed with my new earbuds and just love everything about it. I think it is a nice present for young people in your family and all your friends that like travelling around frequently.

Square SQ1 | Instax

Last, but not least. Here is my Christmas present. The treat that I usually give to myself at the end of every year. I am obsessed with cameras in general and I can’t imagine my life without taking photos.

This gorgeous terracotta orange Instax camera is a perfect gift to keep all my travel memories updated. I can`t wait to take photos of my family and nieces in Brazil. I am sure your family members and special friends would love to have something like this as well on Christmas.

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