Home Improvements Wishlist for 2022

You are probably wondering what a “Christmas Guide to Home Improvement” means. But I can tell you, it is exactly what you think – the Wishlist we usually make for home improvements we plan for next year. I related to it. You probably do too.

What do you like to do next year in your home that was postponed this year? What can we do to plan it right? Also, what are the trend home projects for 2022? the projects so that you can be inspired and who knows, make a really nice change at home.

Trends – Organic Shapes

That’s certainly a trend that makes me happy. An element that stands out a lot in almost all this year’s projects is the curved shapes, both in the furniture, bathroom, and kitchen pieces, in the decoration and even on the walls of the rooms.

Shapes bring the feeling of comfort and welcoming to the spaces.

The curved design and handmade elements connect as we realise how much the lines of the pieces balance with the curved sofa and tables, harmonising the space.

If you think about re-tiling your bathroom as a Christmas gift to yourself, think about mosaic as a pattern that can be a great fit for a renovation. They are durable, versatile, and quite elegant.

Practical Ambient

Practicality is present in all parts and furniture. In a house or an apartment, comfort and practicality should go hand in hand. More compact furniture, easy to be used in different ambient and combined with the environment will be one of the biggest trends for the year 2022.

This type of comfort and practicality reflects the home office times that the COVID19 pandemic brought to the world.

People understood that the simplest and most comfortable furniture is very rewarding, as it can be used according to the person’s need, who can use the bedroom to sleep or even as an office to work.

Boho Style

The Boho style is one of the easiest to adopt for decorating your home or apartment. In this style, the most natural pieces and fabrics are predominant, with rugs and bright colours, with much more characteristic textures.

The environment decorated in the Boho style becomes cosier and more fun to be elaborated. I particularly love it.

Green House

Our long time indoors made us miss contact with nature. What created what, according to the architect Victor Hugo, are the biggest trends in contemporary civil construction, integration and interiorization. Which is nothing more than the desire to bring the outdoors and nature into the home.

We talked about the idea of ​​including greener in buildings, the advantages of living close to natural vegetation, how this trend was boosted with the pandemic and the different ways that this can be done in a post building.

Natural lighting will be used, and the use of materials such as stone and wood make the decoration more authentic with the presence of irregularities and imperfections. In addition, being in direct contact with nature provides more tranquillity to residents.

Connected House

With advanced technology, it is more and more common to see the success of connected homes. In addition to the familiar virtual assistants, it is possible to transform the house and automate it to carry out simple tasks such as turning on the lights, closing the blinds and preparing coffee.

This futuristic trend is already happening in our present and provides well-being and comfort to residents.

The new trends in architecture and decoration for 2022 reflect the pandemic and the act of staying at home. More versatile and multifunctional homes are in evidence. Thus, adapting the environment to work at home in a comfortable way has become a concern and is part of new trends.

Therefore, the house must be a home – a cosy and comfortable place to spend days on end without having to leave the house.

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