Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

The family is the most asset an individual can have. Therefore, finding a unique and creative Christmas present for them can be a bit tricky.

We are always trying to turn their Christmas into something unforgettable! That’s when I think that original gifts are those that have the “personality” of the person who will receive them.

When choosing a Christmas gift for the whole family, the big question may be how to please everyone. In this context, finding gifts that are multifunctional and can be used by different audiences is a way out.

Furthermore, giving gifts is a way of showing affection for the people we love. At Christmas, they help to reinforce the spirit of joy and communion of the period.

Those that you know they will love, so here we will put some suggestions so that you can choose the one that calls your attention the most, and let’s get to work! Create, Invent, and bring joy to this Christmas:

More is More Perfume | Judith Leiber

You may agree with me that it’s difficult to find people who do not like to receive perfume as a gift. I love to find out new fragrances and scents and I guess it’s a quite lovely present to give to our loved ones during Christmas too.

For this festive season, I just have one fragrance in mind – More is More by Judith Leiber. These 3 unique perfumes in one single bottle are the best experience you can have this Christmas.

The for her fragrance and for him fragrance are one-of-a-kind bottle that allows you to switch between fragrances and mix on the spot. It’s a new way of enjoying perfume. Not to mention it can refill your More is More bottle with your favourite fragrances.

Palm Fan Necklace | Daisy London

For some people, Christmas is the perfect occasion to give (and receive) a special piece of jewellery. For me, a piece of favourite jewellery is not only a present but also an accessory to make you feel fabulous and complete.

For this reason, I would love to present you Daisy’s London Palm collection as a gorgeous option of pressie to the special women and men of your family.

These are handcrafted in 100% recycled silver and 18ct gold plate, featuring black enamel, intricate engraving, and geometric shapes. Just in time for party season and your Christmas wish list. Welcome me later.

My choice is this Christmas is this gorgeous and elegant Palm fan necklace and pendant that can be worn as a signature solo piece or to add some character to your necklace stack.

Relax and Sleep Well Pack | Rachel Letham


I don’t know about you, but for me, a self-care survival kit is one of the best presents for any special occasion. We are living days of uncertainty, while we are all trying our best to keep working life balanced, and our family and friends happy.

This Christmas, a relax and sleep well pack would be just the self-care pressie needed to bring a nurturing relaxation and sleep routine to our life.

Italian Classic Wines | Independent Wine


Enjoying a good wine is one of those pleasures that cannot be missed at Christmas. In addition, giving gifts to our dear friends and family, and sharing moments in the company of those we love is one of the premises of the end of the year.

For this reason, a classic chianti would be my recommendation as a great present for those who appreciate wine.

Chianti Classico is an experimental wine made in terracotta amphorae rather than stainless steel tanks or oak barrels. An amphora-aged wine exposing the pure essence of Sangiovese – relish tastes of fresh raspberry, strawberry, and red cherry.

Discovery Box Set | Dolma Perfumes

We all agree that choosing the present for our parents can be a bit tricky sometimes. Especially when it comes to their personal taste. They have a different lifetime vision and sometimes, we do need more than one option of the present to get it right.

It can be tough deciding on a fragrance you would like to give, especially when we are all so unique. Our skin type, moisture level and diet can all play a role in how a fragrance interacts with our skin.

If you Can’t choose the right fragrance for them, a discovery set box of perfumes can be the perfect pressie this Christmas.

Backgammon Set | Jaques of London

If you already visited this blog before, you know I am a big fan of wooden games. Board games are considered an efficient tool to develop children’s skills, such as logical reasoning, motor coordination and social interaction.

Playing a board game with friends, in a moment of genuine friendship, helps us to record sensations and emotions that will remain forever in our memory.

In addition, board games provide a favourable environment for stimulating people’s creativity and problem-solving skills. So, why not go for gorgeous backgammon set to present family and friends this Christmas?

Mulled Letterbox Wine | Garçon Wines

Christmas without mulled wine is never right. The wine infused with warm winter spices is a must-do and have in the festive season in the UK. This letterbox Mulled wine gift includes a bottle of organic red, a Nero di Troia, and spice sachets from esteemed family-run spice company Spice Kitchen for making the perfect, eco-friendly mulled wine.  A perfect bundle designed to offer a wonderful cosy night-in treat and activity for the coming colder darker days.

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