Christmas Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

With the proximity of the most festive season of the year, one of the biggest challenges is managing to keep up with the Christmas gift wish lists and have come out of the box ideas to gift our loved ones.

To help you in this task, I have written five gift guides this year, here is my fifth one, to bring some inspiration for gifts designed for pets and animal lovers.

If you are going to give a gift to someone who has a pet, choosing the gift will be even easier, as four-legged friends are part of the family. With that, an object that reminds your pet will certainly make him happy!

The good thing about thinking about pets when choosing a Christmas gift is that the options are numerous! You can choose between decorative objects, accessories, and several other alternatives.

Therefore, I am putting together here some inspiring gift ideas for pets and animal lovers this Christmas.

Personalised Bamboo Pet Bowls | Always Personal

Personalised gifts are welcome on any important occasion. At Christmas, these presents are quite popular because of their special meaning, quality material and unique style and design.

For this reason, I am treating my beloved cat Dougal with a personalised bamboo pet bowl this Christmas. It’s an eco-friendly product made with a bamboo base and two metal bowls. This engraved cat bowl is a perfect present for cat parents out there.

Oven Gloves | Oven Paws

Kitchenware is always a great match when it comes to Christmas gift ideas. It can be more meaningful if it has a special ethos behind it.

For this reason, I am recommending cat oven gloves as a perfect gift for the cat lovers of your family. These are beautifully embroidered made of cotton gloves, with gorgeous colourful design and heat resistant to 250°C. Also, Oven Paws always donates to pet rescue centres from each glove they sell.

Dog’s Shampoo and Conditioner | Poochiful


Who said dogs don’t like to smell good? They enjoy the out and about so much sometimes, that we do need to have special care when it comes to their skin and fur care.

That`s when a good range of shampoo and conditioner products comes to a handful as a Christmas present for pet parents. Poochiful has a collection of cruelty-free and ethical pet care products that are both effective and gentle for your dog’s skin.

Plant-Based Dog Treats | W’ZIS

What pet doesn’t love some treats? They just crave it all the time and never have enough of it. For the pet parents that want to introduce an alternative to meat and offal treats, here are my suggestions.

This is a perfect pressie to add to your pooch’s Christmas stockings – a range of unique, all-natural meat-free snacks for your beloved pet dogs.

This gorgeous triple tin gift box comes with delicious small W treats on special flavours that come in colourful refillable screw-top tins. Also, check out their range of low-calorie, healthy chews that are packed with flavours.

Cat Calendar 2022 | Ward End Cat Rescue

I already know that this time of the year, you are probably searching for a special, fun, and practical calendar for the next year.

So, why not go for a calendar that is also will help rescued animals out there? I am sure you will find a local pet rescue organisation next to your home that will be quite grateful for your purchase.

We usually have ours from Ward End cat rescue, where we adopted our Dougal and it’s a non-profitable organisation that completely depend on donations to survive.

These calendars are a lovely present for pet lovers in the family, and a good way of ending the year making a difference in those vulnerable animals lives.

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