How to Stick with your New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s be honest. We always try our best to keep our new year’s resolution. Even if they are the same ones that we probably have failed to keep the year before.

Save money, stick to the gym, stick to your diet, take better care of your health. End-of-year resolutions are important to guide projects, but they often end up forgotten as soon as January ends.

To avoid these resolutions from remaining on paper, one of the keys is to draw specific goals, compatible with reality, and which have a target date. It is also important to use tools to manage them. Thinking about it, I have put together some tips on how to stick with your New year’s resolutions.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the most valuable tips, in this case, is setting realistic goals guarantees a greater chance of success. We can start small and then add some challenges as you reach the initial goal.

For example, buy a pair of trainers and go for short runs before committing to the goal of running a marathon. Or if you are planning to cut down on meat-eating, what about adding vegan protein powder to your food habits?

It’s important to remember that it`s not about lowering expectations or thinking small but creating strategies to achieve long-term results.


Finding people with the same goals can be helpful.

He says that we are more likely to move forward with resolutions if they seem somehow important to other people or if the well-being of others is affected if they fail.

So, whether it’s keeping a commitment or getting company and support, engaging others can be the key to success in reaching your New Year’s goal.

Re-Evaluate Your Goals

We know that some resolutions can be a bit tricky. So, when resolution proves difficult to reach, take a moment to reassess the goal.

There is no problem if you do it now and then. Making a complete re-evaluation of your goals is always helpful to keep you focused. Not to mention that it can help you find better ways to simplify everyday life.

What obstacles are you facing? What strategies have been most effective so far? Which were the least effective?

Instead of thinking about fail, try to be more realistic and celebrate even the smallest achievements. If you want to stick to the same resolution, why not try a different approach that can bolster your motivation?

Be Specific

Planning is everything. I do like to know exactly what I am doing during the week. So, that is the reason I do invest in specific and objective plans. It works, most of the time. So, why it would be different when it comes to long-term resolutions?

But it’s important to plan the details of resolutions. Specific, doable actions ensure that you establish not just a set of intentions, but also the steps needed to make them happen.

Simple day-to-day changes can help you move in the right direction. If you’ve been trying to eat healthier, for example, you might start by switching to healthier options such as whole grain snacks, smoothies, vegetables, and fruits.

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