Why Understanding Women Rights is Important?

Well, to start with, as women, we know we should be researching and understanding our rights. Being a woman never was easy, and sometimes it seems it didn’t change too much in 2021.

The fact is that is a quite delicate subject in so many aspects. Especially when we think about some subjects such as equal pay rights, violence against women, and other socio-historical and cultural rooted subjects.

Did you know that on average, women earn 16% less than men in the European Union (EU-27), with significant differences between countries?

Other impressive data shows that women make 66% of the work in the world and produce 50% of food, they only earn 10% of income and hold only 1% of ownership.

In some regions, women carry out even 70% of agricultural work and produce more than 90% of the foods. Although your situation has improved in many forms, almost globally, factors social still prevent the full and immediate implementation of human rights for women around the world.

Protecting Women Around The World

But this is not the top of the iceberg. When we talk about violence against women, it needs to be addressed more seriously. That’s when it’s useful to understand your rights to take the necessary measures in case of historic abuse.

There are specific laws created for the protection of women in countries like Brazil. But whenever such matters are discussed, some controversial discussions arise.

When we take this matter to a more global discussion, there are some historical movements from other countries, which sought the recognition of rights to women, reducing all forms of violence against them.

When we analyse those historical facts, violence against women has always been present, and until today it’s difficult to make it validated and changed due to social, economic, and political aspects of some countries. There is a lot of struggles to fight inequalities.

But the feminism movement has been the main tool to establish and develop equality between men and women.  These groups were (and still are) responsible for a better understanding of women’s rights.

Bringing attention of governments and international organisations about the violence against women around the world.

It’s fact that violence against women reduces the economic development of each nation; it impoverishes individuals, families, and communities. Violence against women and girls is of the most widespread forms of human rights violation. Leaves live devastated, fractures communities, and tie up development.

According to this study on Women’s rights, violence against women causes enormous economic costs. In the US, the cost of intimate partner violence is estimated to exceed 5.8 billion dollars per year: $4.1 billion are for direct medical and health care services, with losses of productivity, accounting for approximately $1.8 billion.


We fight like a Girl

First, we should know that there are laws to protect us. They may be different from country to country, but they should be respected and put into practice according to our needs. Even we know that it doesn’t always work like this. Especially when we talk about violence against women and equal rights.

In the last decades, organisations run by women around the world have discussed our rights vividly.

Trying to bring empowerment and more equal chances to women out there. I have worked with some amazing brands employing vulnerable women around the world, making the whole difference in the lives of those qualified and capable women. These are the right path for bringing equality and attention to women’s rights.

Simone Ribeiro
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