Your Ultimate Guide to Find Pet-Friendly Hotels in Honolulu

With its beautiful beaches, blue skies, and white sands, Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. The visitors and residents of Honolulu mostly come to enjoy its beautiful scenery and environment. While it is easy to find pet-friendly hotels, sometimes you want to go the extra mile.

When you’re considering going to Honolulu, Hawaii, you should know the famous beaches like Waikiki Beach, Magic Island, and many more. You can find hotels in Honolulu Hawaii that welcome your pet and are close to all the popular tourist spots.

Though some nearby areas do not allow pets or have certain restrictions for animals, many parts of Honolulu are more than happy to welcome your furry family members with open arms! Here’s how to find them.

Find the Right Location

Find the location you are looking to visit. Search “pet-friendly hotels” or something similar on Google Maps to find pet-friendly hotels. You can also search “pet friendly” or another term related to pets if you want to look further out of town. The area with the most results is usually where you want to go.

Once you find the location, check out the area around it. Are there any hotels that allow pets in the area? That will largely depend on if they are located downtown or further out. Downtown areas tend to have fewer restrictions based on how many people and animals are around at all times of the day, so finding hotels that allow pets downtown may be easier.

Most hotels that allow pets will have a small icon near the bottom of their page that says if they are pet friendly or not. If there is no icon, you can also check the reviews to see if anyone has mentioned anything about animals staying at the hotel before.

Choose a Reliable Online Hotel Booking System

Many people these days book their hotels online. This is a great way to ensure that your hotel meets your needs, including whether they allow pets or not. Several online booking systems can help you to find pet-friendly hotels in Honolulu.

Choose a site with sophisticated software that helps you quickly search with advanced options. It is wise to go with a site that has been around for years and has a good reputation for finding the best deals on hotels, not just for pet-friendly hotels but all sorts of lodging.

Check If There Are Any Restrictions

If you want to ensure that your pet-friendly hotel has no restrictions, call them up and ask them about their pet policy. Most hotels will be more than happy to tell you all the dos and don’ts of staying with them with your four-legged travel buddy. Don’t forget to ask about additional fees and if dogs are allowed in the pool area!

It is important to note that they will need to have their reservation when you bring your pet to a hotel. This may be an extra fee or even a downgrade in room type, but it’s necessary to keep everyone safe.

Confirm the Reservation

After you find a pet-friendly hotel and give them a phone call, you will need to confirm the reservation. Hotel staff members that work in reservations may be able to note on your account that you have an animal traveling with you for free! Most hotels do not charge extra fees for having animals as long as they are well behaved and on a leash at all times.

Other hotels will charge the pet fee for the first night of your stay (usually around $50) and you can pay it when you check out before leaving for your trip.

Most importantly, make sure to let them know if there are any special requests that your pooch might have! You may need to know how many treats you can leave out for them or if they can be left alone in the room.

Enjoy the View

Now that you know how to find pet-friendly hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii, it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of your trip. Be sure to keep your pup on a leash at all times so they do not run away or get into any trouble. They should also be wearing identification tags with both yours and their name and number on them at all times.

Whether you’re planning on enjoying the vibrant nightlife in the capital of Hawaii or planning to go visit the Diamond Head crater, ensure you have the perfect base of operations to start your journey with.

There’s so much to see and do in Honolulu, but one of the biggest parts is just enjoying it with your pet!

Simone Ribeiro
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