My Skincare Routine for a Weekend Getaway

As you may probably already noticed: I am obsessed with a skincare routine, and I have been taking it seriously for so many years now.

But of course, after making some research, reviewing, and trying new products and of course, reading the Korean skincare bible, I have adapted my own products routine.

After all, it is always good to remember that no skin is the same. You need to check what works for your skin and stick to it for at least some months until making any changes. when it’s quite handy to be flexible and find the right products for your needs.

The truth is that there is no set age to start taking care of the skin: dermatologists indicate that this care should be taken as soon as possible, to prevent the signs of premature ageing.

This way, you will build a fabulous list of favourites, and wait for the results to come soon. That was what happened to me in 2018, and now in 2022, I can problem tell which products work for me.

Also, it’s always important to say that you don’t need to follow many steps. The famous 10 steps for a Korean skincare routine can and should be adapted. Especially when you know we don’t have much time to follow all of them.

Therefore, I am putting together my skincare routine guide for short trips and getaways. It’s also important to remember that you should consider skin type and weather before packing these products.

First things first, travel sizes are always welcome for obvious reasons. Carrying around big plastic bottles when travelling is a big no-no. But I understand that sometimes we just don’t have how to escape from the big packaging.

I know it seems like a lot of products to carry around just for a weekend out but believe me, it’s all worth it to have these amazing bundles everywhere.

So, here we go to my essentials:

cleansing balm and cleansing foam

Cleansing Balm

In my gateway to a gorgeous thatch barn in Rhiw, Wales last May, I have chosen cleansing balm to oil because it was the first time I would be trying the famous All Clean Balm by Heimish and I was quite curious about it.

It turned out to be my favourite cleansing balm since then. It certainly delivers the deep and effective cleansing to unclog pores and help control the oiliness that I was expecting.

Despite not wearing too much make-up on the beach, I knew the unpredictable UK weather is always a good reason to be careful in any season. It’s also 100% vegan cruelty-free. It’s a balm-oil-milk formula with a natural aroma. I just can’t leave without it.

Cleansing Foam

After removing makeup and/or clearing your skin, you can apply a treatment product that controls oiliness, reduces acne, and even reduces acne blemishes. I have now tried several cleansing foams before, and I have my favourite ones.

Benton Honest Cleansing Foam is one of my favourites. It’s a quite affordable and efficient oil-based product to remove dirt and excess residue from your face gently. It’s creamy and smells quite fresh. I am addicted to Benton products, and I would recommend any of them, anyway.


Talking about Benton. Again, here is another favourite – Aloe BHA Skin Toner is everything you need to have flawless skin wherever you go. I can`t number the benefits of these products. It was certainly a game-changer at the beginning of my skincare routine process.

To start with, this is to-go toner suitable for all skin types including sensitive and troubled skin.

This happens because of the BHA magic that helps to remove dead skin cells by providing gentle exfoliation, whereas aloe leaf water is used to provide hydration and soothe the skin. A win-win!


No, I didn’t need to pack a lotion when using this powerful toner, but I do like to combine the famous Gokujyun Hada Labo with any great toner on my daily skincare routine. And I think you should love a hyaluronic acid lotion too.

I am going to my 3rd refill on this product, and I couldn’t be happier. I carry it everywhere. And I will sound like a broken record again to say that I have NO IDEA why this is not sold in drugstores in the UK.

It literally transformed my skin and I guess you already know it, but This hydrating lotion is formulated with four types of hyaluronic acid and made without fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol, or colourants.

Moisturiser Cream

I do confess I am not a big fan of Etude House creams, but I do love their sun creams. For this trip, I thought about using this travel-sized version of their classic Moistfful Collagen Cream and even if I still haven’t fallen for it, I thought it was a nice pick for the daily skincare routine.

This is a concentrated moisturiser that works as a good pick when trying to have a more natural look on your skin. Plus, we all do need a bit of collagen in life.

Sun Cream

Everyone already knows that sunscreen cannot be skipped. It doesn’t matter the weather; we need to apply it on daily basis. So, how about choosing a product that is easy to spread and it’s highly effective?

The Sunprise Mild Airy by Etude House protects skin from harmful UV rays, controls oil production, and brightens skin tone all at once. It is a 100% mineral-based sunscreen that boasts SPF50+ PA+++

It’s an ultra-gentle sunscreen that keeps skin protected and soothed with Centella Asiatica extract and aloe vera. I love it.

Southing Sun Cream

Finally, the last item for the daily routine. April in the UK can be a windy and mild month.

Sometimes, we just underestimate the weather and it ends up forgetting to wear sunscreen on the not so cold days. For this trip, I have also picked the Aloe Southing SPF50 sun cream by COSRX that is sold in the UK.

It’s ultra-hydrating and it absorbs quickly into skin to defend against sun damage and environmental aggressors, whilst delivering long-lasting moisture. I think this is a perfect match to protect your skin from the wind as well. It’s also perfect for use after being exposed to the sun for long hours.

Face Mist

Here is an extra something that I bought a long time ago, but it last forever. A

quite effective skincare treatment with the COSRX Low pH PHA Barrier Mist; a lightweight, refreshing spray that works as a shield to prevent prior skincare steps from evaporating whilst deeply moisturising skin.

Anti-Ageing Lotion

During the night, I like to use an anti-ageing cream or lotion before sleeping. And I have been using this Hadalabo collection for over a year now and I just have positive thoughts about it.

This lotion is made to boost your skin by containing four types hyaluronic acid, collagen & retinol. Perfect to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade Stone Facial Roller

Finally, the essential tool to guarantee a rested and relaxed skin after all skincare routines. You only need 10 minutes a day to start seeing some results.

The benefits are numerous from activating the circulation in the face to skin toning.

hand sanitiser and hand cream

Hand Balm

Hands are also part of any skincare routine. But I am quite picky when it comes to it. I don’t like strong fragrances, so I was quite happy to bring the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique to my life a couple of years ago.

I love its restorative formula works to soften your hands and keep smooth, healthy skin. It smells so good, and the texture is amazing. It’s a bit expensive but lasts forever. So, it is worth the investment. I love Aesop products and I would recommend everything produced by them anyways.

Hand Sanitiser

I guess it is an indispensable item in the bag of anyone else, but yes, I also carry my hand sanitiser for many years in my bag.

I have used it since I have moved to the UK in 2011 for the simple fact that I used to take public transport every day and buses and trains are not the cleanest things in this country. Back that time, my favourite one was the quite popular soap and Glory handmaid. That’s still going and it’s quite affordable.

However, some years ago I have worked with the Australian brand Buckley & Phillips and since I have tried their Moisturising hand sanitiser, I can’t think about anything better to have on my handbag with me. I can guarantee you, it’s a quality product with a gorgeous fragrance combination of sweet orange, eucalyptus, and clove buds.


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