7 Rules of Nudist Beach Etiquette: Can I Bring my Smartphone?

Visiting a nude beach for the first time will lead to a lot of personal etiquette questions. It takes a couple of visits to become used to the community, and even more to become comfortable with the setting. Once the shock value wears off, you’ll realize a nude beach is like any other respectable community.

No Smartphones

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If you bring a smartphone to a nude beach, then prepare for trouble. To stay out of jail, you’ll need sex crime attorneys with a strong reputation. Some nude beaches are ‘family-friendly’, meaning that underage participants will be present. Smartphones should never be taken to a nude beach, and you’ll have a hard time arguing for its inclusion.

Don’t Stare

This is right up there with the no smartphones rule when it comes to nude beach etiquette. It’s rude to stay with people when they are clothed. Now imagine being naked and having someone gawk at you without any intention of hiding their stares. It makes people uncomfortable and will get you quickly kicked off of the property.

It’s A Nude Beach, Not A Singles Bar

This is a touchy subject since it all comes down to an individual’s preference. Some people go to nude beaches to hang out while others go to meet someone special. You can’t guess another person’s intentions, but body language goes a long way. If someone is giving you the signal to back off, then immediately leave their airspace.

Lewd Conduct Isn’t Permitted

Never confuse nudists with swingers. That is actually a comparison that has led to some heated arguments from both sides. These are two separate lifestyles, and they don’t mesh well with one another. On a nude beach, nudity is not considered nude – but lewd acts while nude still land you in hot water.

Bring Your Own Towel

There is a towel-stealing epidemic on all beaches. It gets kicked up a notch on a nude beach and often leads to some really bad hygienic habits. Bring your own towel, and never ask to borrow another person’s towel. And if you end up needing a towel, don’t pick up what you consider to be abandoned towels.

Follow the Local Rules

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Every nude beach will have its own personal rules to follow. Don’t stroll into a new beach without taking a refresher on the local rules. Nine times out of ten, new beachgoers violate a rule within their first hour of visiting.

Pick Up After Yourself

Leaving trash on a beach ruins the experience for everyone. This is an etiquette tip that goes for all public places where people gather. At a nudist beach, leftover trash can cause serious injuries.

Stay In the Safe Zone

If you go to a nudist beach looking for trouble, then chances are you will find it. Don’t let the shock of being near nude people turn you into a creep. Boundaries should be prioritized before you make the decision to have fun.

What about you? have you visited a nudist beach? Let me know about your experience in the comments below. 

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