Key Things Americans Should Know Before Moving to Spain

Spain is a wonderful country to visit in Europe and is a dream destination for many travelers worldwide. While some folks are content to visit, explore this scenic region, and head back home, many others decide to settle there permanently.

For this reason, Spain regularly witnesses a massive influx of expats, especially from the US, who want to set up homes within the Spanish borders.

If you are an American living in Spain, you already know what the adventure and excitement of residing in this fabulous place are like.

Others from the US may contemplate moving here for a happier, healthier life. But there may be many apprehensions about facing the inevitable challenges of uprooting their entire life and settling in a foreign country.

The following article will give you an idea about what factors should be taken care of before making this life-altering decision.

The amount of money you will need to move

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Statistics show over forty thousand seven-hundred Americans are officially living in Spain. One of the most significant reasons people from the US and other countries choose to call Spain their home is the cost of living.

You can cut your expenses by almost half by living here compared to the US. For instance, an American couple can comfortably live on a budget of $20,000 to $22,000 a year, and in the US, this estimate exceeds $45,000.

Moreover, even moving to Spain is less expensive for Americans. To calculate the average amount of money you will need to make the transition, you need to consider the cost of your plane tickets, visa, and other necessary paperwork.

Permits can range anywhere from $73 to $160, perhaps more, depending on the type – student, self-employed, non-lucrative, etc.

Best places to settle down in Spain

Most Americans who move to Spain prefer to settle down in Barcelona and Madrid. However, there are other cities you can stay in, keeping in mind the reason for your immigration.

Madrid is great for work as it has a plethora of job opportunities, with almost every other recognized Spanish company having an office in the city. If you are an American student, Barcelona would be best for you. I

t is an international hub and home to renowned museums, markets, nightclubs, and gorgeous beaches. Also, a lot of people speak English in Barcelona.

Americans who wish to retire in peace or those who want to raise their children in an excellent environment should consider moving to Valencia.

The southeastern coastal city is a fantastic blend of suburban and urban ambiance, offering an eclectic mix of sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, and scores of family-friendly activities at reasonable prices.

Adjusting to everyday life

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As an American living in Spain, you will have to deal with a set of challenges initially. First, ensure you check the rental agreement carefully and vet the owner before making the payment.

When it comes to working, pick reputable agencies that will not cheat you. Please make an effort to learn the local language to make it easier to make new friends. Buy from local markets that sell the freshest possible produce.

When commuting in Spain, several Americans get accustomed to the public transportation system after a couple of months. You can also consider hiring bicycles as even the larger and more famous cities in Spain are now bicycle-friendly.

By considering the facts mentioned above, you will settle down into your new home in no time.


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