Best Winter Destinations in Europe

You may not agree with me. But I do love travelling in the winter. The roads are emptier, the locations are cosy, and the scenery can be quite overwhelming.

I do believe that winter doesn’t have to be a hibernation season. On the contrary, it may be the ideal time to explore all that there is to see on the old Continent.

You can pack your best clothes to visit the best winter destinations in Europe.

However, even if winter is not your favourite season, I can try to convince you and change your mind, anyway.

Did you know that travelling during this period has numerous advantages? The first one is that it is a low tourist season in Europe. It means that both flights, accommodation and tourist attractions will be more affordable. Great. Isn’t it?

I understand that you may be avoiding the extreme temperatures, maybe travelling in autumn is the best option, because, in addition to having already started the low season, you can still travel in winter clothes. Plus, some European capitals and cities are just gorgeous to visit in the winter.

Hexham – Northumberland

Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash

If you are looking for a historic mark town with proximity to exploring Hadrian’s Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site, Northumberland National Park, and the North Pennines (AONB), Hexham is your perfect choice?

You will probably need more than one night to explore the area, so why not treat yourself now as staying in a luxury holiday apartment in Hexham?

I have been to Northumberland once and probably passed by Hexham. This remote part of the UK Is stunning, and a quite good match for those looking for a quiet gateway.

Vienna – Austria

Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

I have been to Vienna a couple of years ago and I can say it is one of the most beautiful European capitals. It is also a quite packed city. So, be prepared for a tourist spot vibe. Even with so many tourists around, it was quite lovely to spend a day out in Vienna, and I do recommend it.

The Austrian capital is a must-see in any season of the year, but the truth is that, in winter, its magic multiplies, making it the ideal destination for the coldest days.

Vienna has varied markets throughout the city, classical music concerts and ice rinks for skating. It is a proper winter paradise. Lose yourself among the white-roofed houses and take the opportunity to visit some of the city’s historic buildings, such as the Belvedere Palace.

Budapest – Hungary

Photo by Nikolett Emmert from Pexels

Budapest is one of my favourite cities In Europe. With buildings that will take your breath away too, Budapest is a charming city that is worth a visit when the winter cold sets in and the snow starts to fall.

To start with, the Hungarian capital is fulfilled with historic sites, and quirky spaces where it will not be difficult to find delicious food and drinks in the called ruin bars and handicrafts. Explore the river in a small boat and, if you dare, try the famous thermal baths.

Edinburgh -Scotland

Photo by Thomas Ortega from Pexels

If you visit the UK, it is possible that someone will recommend you go to Scotland for at least a weekend. It can be a long track from London, but there are daily flights to the Scottish capital, and you won’t regret the visit to it.

Edinburgh, Scotland is famous for its New Year’s celebrations. The Hogmanay Festival lasts for three days and focuses on concerts, fireworks and popular dances in the city that leave no one indifferent.

Take a look at the Royal Mile, in the heart of the city, and take the opportunity to discover the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh. Did I mention the castle?

The Dolomites – Italy

Here is a perfect destination for adventurers out there. The Dolomites, in north-eastern Italy, form part of a mountain range in the Swiss Alps. The stunning views and the ski slopes are excellent.

Surrounding the property are more than 220 kilometres of hiking and cross-country skiing trails. WE are spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor activities.

Bergen – Norway

If you are looking for spectacular views? Here is a perfect destination. Bergen is a small fishing town in the fjords of Norway.

You can have to dress warmly to take the funicular that takes you to the top of Fløyen mountain. It’s cold, but the view makes it worth it.

You can warm up by strolling around town and buying a handmade sweater at the local craft boutiques.

And don’t forget to try the delicious skillingsboller, a snail-shaped cinnamon bun. Yes, Scandinavia is an icy destination, but winter is when you have the best chance of seeing the famous Northern Lights.

Simone Ribeiro
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