How to Insulate Your Loft

Having an insulated loft is essential to keeping the upper part of your home warm whilst reducing your heating bills. Loft insulation is added using rolls of insulation material and floorboards to keep it all secure. And this guide from a timber merchant in Essex will show you a step-by-step process to insulating your loft safely.

Measure what you need

First things first – grab a tape measure and make a note of the amount of space needed to be covered with rolls of insulation. You will then need to work out the thermal resistance of your loft space – how many layers of insulation are needed to keep your loft warm. The minimum amount is 270mm.

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Prepare the space

Clear as much space as you can within the loft so you have plenty of room to work with. Ensure areas, like the water tank (if located nearby) and floorboards are adequately cleared to make way for any additional insulation.

Clear away any electrical cables so that there’s no risk of fire once the insulation is laid down. It’s best to work with another person passing the insulation rolls to you as you stay in the loft for ease.

Begin laying the insulation

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Start in the furthest corner and work backward, so that you end up finishing near your access stairs. As you lay the insulation is sure to push it down so that there are no gaps, while also taking care to not compress the material. If you feel it’s compressed you can pull the material up so it can reach maximum depth.

Any areas where you come across a beam require you to cut the insulation roll to size so they can fit into these gaps. If needing an extra layer you can follow the same process as before, starting from the furthest corner. It’s important that everything is snugly in place while also leaving gaps between each beam.

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