Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

With a movement relying more on the online world, children will be growingly more exposed to the Internet and its uses. For the most part, the internet is a place where people of all ages can find what they need easily and access some of the greatest parts it has to offer. This does however come with a big message on child safety when they browse online.

This guide from an independent school in Hampshire has some tips you can use to explore internet safety with your child when they’re of an appropriate age to use online resources.

Talk to them about what they want to use online

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If you have clear conversations with your child about how to manage their internet time then you’re more likely to leave your child to their own devices and browse happily. If they’re looking for homework resources or revision aids then you can help them find websites to suit their needs. Similarly, you can talk to your child about what else they’d like to use the internet for – be it to use social media or to play games.

Be aware of other ways children can use the internet

Online browsing goes far beyond using a computer once a night. Smartphones and tablets have made it much easier for children to pick up on schoolwork, social media, and talking to friends or playing online games. Video game consoles also rely on the internet to operate properly, where children can also play games online with others from across the world.

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Talk to your child about the latest scams and online issues

Viruses, scams, and other online issues change on a regular basis – show your child regularly what to look out for when they’re using the internet. It extends further to just website browsing these days, and it’s important your child knows when they can come to you for help.

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