How Tikkurila paint can shape a room

I’ve been meaning to repaint my room (and renovate the whole house!) since lockdown. However, I didn’t jump on the home renovation bandwagon when everyone else did. There was never enough time or enough energy to renovate my house but, with a new year starting, I’m going to stop giving excuses and do it.

I finally feel motivated, so what better time to do it, right? I’ll free up some afternoons, roll up my sleeves and get the paintbrush ready. I’ll start by repainting my room first, but before I get the paintbrush out, I need to figure out what paint to use and how I want to paint it.

What paint to use?

I’ve been recommended Tikkurila paint by some decorating experts. Have you tried this paint? Pronounced tick-ku-re-la, this Nordic paint brand is a leading brand of high-quality indoor and outdoor paints (or so I’m told!). I found Tikkurila paint at Kent Blaxill on their online website. I’m sure you can also find it in one of their branches if you prefer to have a look at their paints in person.

What is Tikkurila paint?

After a quick search on Google to find out more about Tikkurila, I found out that this Nordic brand has been producing paint since 1862. Tikkurila UK was established in 1983, over a century after it began in Finland. Some of their most sought-after products include Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2 and Tikkurila Optiva 5.

In a review on the Decorators Forum, James Wildish described the Anti-Reflex 2 paint as a ceiling paint that offers a “luxurious finish which eliminates brush and roller marks, as well as imperfections to plasterwork.” This decorator believes that “As a general rule for the brand I think they are brilliant.”

How to paint a room

Even though I’m set on trying the Tikkurila paint, I still don’t know how I will paint my room. Whilst browsing online for paints, I found out that there are various ways of painting a room. Honestly, I never thought about it. I thought you’d either paint a whole room a new colour or have a feature wall in a different colour. But no – there are so many ways of painting a room that I wasn’t aware of!

Make large rooms feel cosier

This article on the Spruce suggests painting the ceiling a dark colour to make large rooms feel cosier. “If a room is very large and doesn’t feel comfortable, paint the ceiling a darker colour than the walls to make it appear lower, thereby making the room feel cosier.”

Make rooms feel bigger

Decorating with white paint can help to create an airy, open feel – therefore an ideal choice for compact living rooms or small dining room ideas.” Says this article on Ideal Home. So, if you want any room to feel bigger than it is, go for a full white look.

Have you painted rooms specifically to change the way they looked? If so, how did you paint your rooms?

*This is a collaborative post

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