Here’s why I want a retractable roof pergola for my home

Have you ever seen retractable roof pergolas? Have you thought of adding a pergola to your home? Recently, I’ve been dreaming about sunny days (can you blame me?) and with these thoughts, I’ve been thinking about how to uplift my outdoor space.

I want to properly make the most of my outdoor area when the weather does turn around. So, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how I can achieve that. Whilst browsing for ways to be able to enjoy my outdoor space, I found retractable roof pergolas by Designer Shade Solutions. These pergolas with retractable roofs look like the perfect outdoor shade solution for my patio.

What are retractable roof pergolas?

These pergolas feature retractable roofs that “can be easily open if the weather is nice, if it starts to rain, the roof can be closed, and for some shade, the roof slabs can be tilted.” explains Captain Bobcat in a recent blog post. This means that you can be outside in your lovely patio no matter the weather and enjoy it fully! Doesn’t that just sound fabulous?

Can pergolas be customised?

Yes! That’s one of the beauties of Designer Shade’s pergolas. Their team designs and creates bespoke retractable roof pergolas that can be customised. Looking for a pergola with a roof and sides? Can be done. Want a pergola with a fabric retractable roof? Can be done.

“These retractable roofs can be fully customised to your requirements. To create the ultimate outdoor retractable that gives you the best of both worlds (indoors and outdoors), customise your retractable roof pergolas with heating, lighting and side glass screens. With these extras, you can experience being outdoors in the comfort of an indoor space.” mentions Healthy Vix.

Why do I want a retractable roof pergola?

A pergola with a roof that can retract seems like the perfect addition to any home. Plus, the fact that it will allow me to enjoy my outdoor space all year round, sounds like a no-brainer.

Mamma Prada comments that retractable roofs offer privacy, shade and shelter. “With a retractable roof pergola you can be sipping on your favourite drink during the warm days with the roof completely open; reading a book in the shade as the roof slabs can easily tilt; or doing some yoga with rain pouring down. The roof can easily close, open or tilt.” The question is: why would I not want a retractable roof pergola?



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