What are Packers and Shims?

Whether you are looking to packers and shims for a home project or simply want to know more about these types of spacers – today is your lucky day. With the help of Speedy Fixings, steel shims, and other packers and shims specialists, we are going to share everything you need to know about shims, and whilst we are at it, answer some frequently asked questions about these spacers.

What are packers and shims?

Packers and shims are a name that’s interchangeably used to describe “a small object or piece of material used between two parts of something to make them fit together, or to prevent them rubbing against each other.” As it is explained in the Cambridge Dictionary.

Types of shims

You can purchase a variety of packers and shims online, from metal shims and steel packers to stainless steel shims and plastic shims, and much more. Shims also vary in design and size. Shims are available as square shims, rectangular shims, horseshoe shims or you can order custom packers and shims at Speedy Fixings.

What are shims used for?

  • Levelling structures
  • Adding stability and support
  • Prevent wear from occurring

Shims can be used for a multitude of applications, from small DIY projects to large construction projects. Real Homes published an article on how to install kitchen cabinets where they recommend using shims (if required) to plumb the wall cabinets, meaning making it straight up and down.

The Trackman’s Helper: A Book of Instruction for Track Foremen also shares that “Shimming track is a very important kind of winter work on northern railroads and should be done with a view to keeping straight track level, smooth and safe, and the proper elevation of the outer rails on curves. Shims are placed under track rails to raise up the low places to a smooth surface.”

These spacers are used to fill gaps between objects, adding stability and levelling structural supports. During the installation of windows or cabinetry, plastic shims or other packers can be used to level these structures.

Have you used packers and shims for a project? If so, what did you use these spacers for?

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