Best Road Trip journeys in Germany

I always put Germany on the Wishlist of countries to explore by car. Who wouldn’t like to drive through its picturesque countryside to experience the adrenaline in the unique Autobahn?

After all, road trips are the best way to get to know a destination, and they seem to inspire people in different ways. Films like Elizabethtown, Almost Famous, Thelma, and Louise, among others, always inspired me to be on the road. If I could, I would like to have more road trips to Europe.

So, why not make a perfect itinerary to someday join a road trip through Germany?  I am putting together a list of adventurous and/or family-friendly itineraries so you can enjoy your trip through Germany’s beautiful towns and cities. You have several ways of getting around Germany, but a road trip would make it more exciting than imagined.

Germany is famous for the richness of its regions, all with unique cultural characteristics, which make it an infinitely interesting destination. For this reason, it’s quite easy to find a perfect road trip journey for every kind of audience.

The Wine Route

Here it’s my favourite road trip in Germanic lands. If you love wine and top-notch restaurants, there is none that can compete with this itinerary that crosses the German countryside, along the Wine Route.

But first, make sure you use Ebooking to find the best hotel along your route. After all, if you prefer to organise your own trips to unknown regions, it is important to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience by booking the right accommodation as well.

The journey along the Wine Route passes through the heart of the largest continuous wine-growing area in all of Germany, this area is also called the Palatinate wine region.

This magnificent route has 85 km of roads starting in Bockenheim, and ending in the south, more precisely in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, on the French border.

Also known as the oldest wine route in the world, it offers stunning landscapes surrounded by mountains of the Palatinate forest. The rural atmosphere makes this route pleasant whether you are familiar or not with these roads.

Along the route, you will have great opportunities to sample some of the country’s finest wines and sample fine culinary food.

The Alps Route

Photo by Mateusz Sałaciak from Pexels

This is the oldest road trip itinerary in Germany.  Probably the one with the most exciting scenery. What makes this route enthusiastic driving is the famous Autobahn.

The journey throughout the Alps in the beautiful region of Bavaria is sure to be one of the most popular routes for a road trip in Germany, offering some of the most panoramic views in the world.

There are almost 435 kilometres of roads, starting in Lindau, on Lake Constance, close to the Swiss border, and as its last stop Berchtesgaden, a small village in the mountains, just before reaching Salzburg.

Together with the 25 castles that are possible to be checked during this route, the impeccable roads, and splendid Alpine landscapes are the other reasons why you should join this unique driving experience in Europe.

The Biergartens Route

Photo by Wiriyah Ruechaipanit from Pexels

With its many castles and beautiful landscapes, Germany welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Prepare yourself to check in this route the amazing region formed by Munich, Freising, and Bamberg. Passing by some of the most incredibly scenic routes in the country.

And whether you choose a small village or one of the large metropolises, you will certainly feel the strong presence of the legacy that beer production has left in the local culture, especially in regions like Bavaria.

By the way, if you like beer, there is no better time to visit the Bavarian region, more precisely the beautiful city of Munich, than during Oktoberfest.

This worldwide famous beer festival takes place between mid-September and early October. During your road trip around Munich, be sure to visit Freising, a university town and home to the Weihenstephan brewery.

And to end the journey in style, take a short trip to Bamberg, a town so picturesque it seems straight out of a fairy tale.

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