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Here is one gadget that was on my Wishlist to test in 2022 – a USB microphone for a PC. Nowadays, if you work with the Internet and you want to boost your social media channels such as YouTube and Twitch, it’s quite important to invest in quality equipment.

The truth is that it’s not everyone who wants to learn about professional equipment, and the current USB mics are already reaching studio levels.

And if you don’t have all the time in the world to learn how to use all those settings on a professional audio interface, a USB microphone is perfect for you.

But how to choose the perfect model for you?  

There are two types of microphones. The dynamic type of microphone only picks up the closest sounds, so you need to use it very close to your mouth. It’s the perfect type to use in very noisy places, like live concerts. Condenser microphones are more sensitive, and ideal for use indoors.

The best USB microphones combine high-quality recording with a simplicity that makes them easy to set up and use, even if you’ve never handled a dedicated microphone before.

While some might be even better with additional software, usually all you need to do is plug and play—or plug and record, so to speak.

Most USB PC microphones are condenser type. And this is the case of the USB microphone for PC Anker PowerCast M300, which I am testing and reviewing this month.

What is the Anker PowerCast M300 USB Microphone?

The Anker PowerCast M300 is a USB Microphone for PC that has vocal quality in streaming, and gaming, with headphone Output, gain Control, and Mute, plug, and play compatible for many devices.

Turn it around 180° to find the angle that works for you or move the base 360° in any direction you please. And it is easy to adjust the volume right on your USB microphone to your liking or mute it if you need to step away.

Why should You choose the PowerCast M300 USB Microphone?

I was chasing a USB microphone for ages, but I also wanted to find a versatile and stylish model. The Anker PowerCast M300 got my eyes, for its sleek feature and its capacity to capture true-to-life sounds. It is a quite perfect match for ASMR streamers.

In addition to having an integrated anti-vibration base, it has an automatic mute button, with LED indication, an internal pop filter (which eliminates ambient and breathing noise), and a button to choose one of the four possible polar patterns.

However, the features of this device do not stop there, as it still has a headphone jack and USB connection. The convenient and adjustable angles make it easy to find the most comfortable position and angle to use this microphone.

With 180° of movement and a 360° rotatable base, you have the freedom and flexibility to broadcast from any comfortable position with PowerCast M300. Perfect for podcast and long streaming sessions.


The right USB microphone will greatly enhance the quality of your videos and recordings, no matter what the content. And I would recommend this one as your first option for USB microphones, and if you just want to go for something practical and quality start with your online projects.

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