How To Travel Sustainably on Your Next Italian Getaway

As the world learns to live with the virus, travel is gradually moving towards the usual. There are fewer restrictions on international travel, which is good news if you have an Italian getaway in mind. You can plan a vacation sooner rather than later but be ready to embrace the idea of sustainable travel.

Essentially, it is about making conscious choices focusing on reducing your environmental footprint, saving money, and helping the local economy. It also entails engaging with the communities through which you travel. Thankfully, you need not do much to travel sustainably. Just follow these tips on your next Italian getaway to be a conscious traveller.

Skip the cruise

If sustainability is on top of your mind, skip the cruise from your bucket list, no matter how tempting it sounds. Cruise ships have an immense environmental impact as they pollute the air and the sea. Moreover, it isn’t the safest in pandemic times when you must avoid crowds and contaminated surfaces. You can do a favour to your Italian travel budget by skipping this option and choosing other ways to experience the country.

Stay at an independent hotel

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Staying at an independent hotel rather than a resort chain is a good idea. This way, you can trim your holiday budget and support small businesses in Italy. You can also consider booking a vacation rental. There are endless options wherever you choose to travel, so explore them online before embarking. It is better to book on landing to ensure you get a good one. Choose a centrally located one to avoid taking cabs or public transport.

Rent a bike

When it comes to local sightseeing, you can do a lot to cut down your carbon footprint. Renting a bike is a great idea as it gives you the freedom to ride through the tight lanes and see the best of the city. Whether you choose Rome, Venice, or favignana for your Italian getaway, renting a bike is the best way to explore the hidden gems of the city. Not to mention, you can save on cab bills.

Leave no trace

Whether you are in a city, hiking a mountain trail, or resting on a beach, commit to leaving no trace. Start by avoiding plastic bags and takeaways. Also, you must follow the rules and not litter the places you visit. Be extra careful outdoors because it is your responsibility to obey the rules even when no one is watching. Even small things make a difference, so do your bit.

Stay longer in one place

This year, focus on quality instead of numbers. Choose to stay longer at one place and limit the number of destinations during your Italian getaway. Luckily, Italy has a lot to offer, from vibrant cities to quaint villages, splendid beaches, and more. You can pick a few options for your bucket list and leave the rest for the next time. This way, you will have a good reason to return.

Sustainable travel is a booming trend and the need of the hour. Follow these simple tips, and you can follow the sustainability mindset for your next Italian getaway effortlessly!

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