How to Organise a Small Kitchen

The truth is that we are more used to small spaces than ever, after all, today’s properties no longer have as much space. It’s quite difficult to find an affordable home that is also spacious.

Small rooms are a reality for most residents of large cities, and when it comes to the rooms, it can be a bit challenging to organise a small kitchen because of the restriction of space.

But with the right planning and valuable tips, this can totally change. Thinking about this, I have put together some tips on how to organise a kitchen with a few simple steps.


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For any home project, it is always important to clean spaces. Like everything in life, it’s better to organise before start working on something. So, why not remove what is no longer used, such as utensils and excess unused items.

It’s quite important to keep in the small kitchen only what is used. Count on products that are built inside the closets and organiser carts, which help in decluttering, saving space to spend on décor, such as picking about the tiling from  Stick and Go Tiles.

When you have no way to invest in planned furniture or when the property is rented and you cannot make major interferences in the environment, it’s better to invest in the spaces of the walls.

A pegboard panel or bars with hooks and wire kits to organise various utensils. In addition to being practical, the environment is even more beautiful.

Getting rid of excess is critical to optimise space. It works for both – houses and apartments.


I was checking some storage ideas from Ikea today, and I was quite excited with the numerous possibilities we have to save space in storage, even in small rooms. Another tip is if there’s a closet under the counter.

If you have the right counter and storage space to keep plates, glasses, glass, and plastic pots, it will make your life easier.

To help the counter get cleaner, use the walls to hang baskets for fruits and vegetables. Always keep it free for quick meals and/or use it for food preparation.

Wooden or metal shelving also helps a lot to organise the items in the kitchen, and it makes the kitchen modern as well.

The same can be done inside fridges. refrigerator organizers, such as acrylic baskets, also help categorise and maintain it tidy. You can even create a mini pantry with some baskets, distributing it by categories: breakfast, canned and preserved, sauces and pasta, etc.

Prioritise Spaces

I just let my husband know that our living/dining room will have a sideboard to keep all the China, dining appliance that is only used on special occasions, the fondue pan, or every single item that you only use once a year and that can be stored elsewhere.

Prioritise the spaces available in the cabinets, counter, and shelves for everyday items is a great way of keeping your small kitchen tidy. And leave the most used items on the front and the least used behind.

Get Rid of the Packaging

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Plastic wasting is never welcome. So, if we can avoid packaging, it would help you to organise your space in a better way.

With little space available it is necessary to take good advantage of the internal areas of the cabinets. When organising the pantry, for example, remove the food from the original packaging and arrange everything in a glass or transparent plastic pots. They make viewing easier and because they are the same size, they are easier to arrange on shelves.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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