Pros and Cons of Living in a Hotel


I must confess that I came across the thought of living in a hotel at some point in my life. Probably when I was in my twenties. But what about you? Have you ever thought about living in a hotel?

The fact is that a long-stay service is a real thing. It’s known during the Pandemic, some people preferred to stay in hotels for long periods for many different reasons. Convenience, work-related issues, etc. But how must be the life of someone living in a hotel?  What are the pros and cons of living in a hotel room?

It may or may not be worth it. Everything will depend on your lifestyle, your professional profile, and what you want to achieve with this experience. So here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of choosing a hotel as your residence.

Prime location

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Let’s be honest, I would love to experiment with being a resident of the Grand Hotel Birmingham for a week. Besides all the glamour of staying in a stunning 4-star hotel, I would be able to be right in the city centre.

We can’t deny that one of the great advantages of living in a hotel is the privileged location. That’s because most of them stay in valued locations and close to everything you need, such as transport links, restaurants, and supermarkets, among others.

New experiences

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Living in a gorgeous hotel is sure to guarantee new and enriching experiences. First, this kind of housing, out of the ordinary, allows you a new view of the world, breaking patterns, and breaking paradigms. After all, it’s not going to be a totally ordinary kind of life.

Second, living in a hotel also brings the possibility of meeting many different people, including those from outside the country. You can indulge yourself in a new culture during your stay.

I do remember having a quite lovely conversation with some staff at a hotel in Dubrovnik during my stay.

It was a unique experience, mainly because I thought it quite interesting to know that even living in such a gorgeous country as Croatia, they thought Brazil was something rather more special.

Always Tidy “Home”

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Don’t get me wrong, I think that while moving out of a new home is quite stressful sometimes, it is something that we need now to deal with. Especially if you live in big cities. That is the reason that is always good to count on the expertise of companies such as M25 Removals in London.

But living in a hotel is something else. What do you think about not having to clean or change bed linen? Living in a hotel also allows you to do these amenities. Not worrying about furniture, cleaning, or preparing meals.

However, it is good to find out about the availability of room service, since some hotels do not offer this service included in the package. It’s also important to know not everything will be a bed of roses.

Hotel Shenanigans 

One of the things that quite put me off about the idea of living in a hotel room is certainly some hotel little peculiarity things that you can’t avoid.

Guests chatting in the hallway, the noise of the elevator, the lack of sockets, the hairdryer, and the shower that do not always work as you would like are some of those typical hotel little things that, in the case of a short stay, do not even cause problems, but in a prolonged stay can become unpleasant and very uncomfortable.

Online Issues

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We all have been there. Another problem with living in a hotel is the internet. The signal’s almost always bad. And if you need a good connection to work, for example, it is good to think of a proper internet plan and not to depend on the hotel network.

It’s simply annoying to try being logged most of the time. And it would be a massive disruption to my work environment not having a reliable Wi-fi connection.


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When we talk about living in a hotel, I think about a good match with, at least, good room service. For this reason, this is a very particular decision, and it involves several factors. The most important thing is to evaluate all the cost-benefit of this decision, not just the value.

It will depend on various factors, that goes from the easy access to important locations for you, the services offered, and your lifestyle, among others.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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