Best Practices in Commercial Interiors

Like any other residential project, projects for commercial environments require some extra care and a lot of planning. Professional designers who invest in this type of work need to have the business proposal very well defined to elaborate projects with style, beauty, comfort, and that are consistent enough to captivate the public.

It’s also important to point out that still, the project should not shy away from the company’s proposal, nor from what is already characteristic of the brand.

I am sure that modern and different environments attract the attention of customers. For this reason, it is always better to invest in bold projects that will surprise their clientele.

Therefore, it is important to hire an interior design professional, as there are numerous items that must be considered when planning or transforming an environment, ensuring maximum appeal to the different profiles of customers who will move through it.

So here are some reasons why you should invest in commercial interiors, discover the design secrets of unique commercial space, also find some inspiration from commercial work.

Airport Terminals

I’m the type of person who admires airport designs. When you are travelling long distances, going from one airport to another, you probably start to notice its style and features a bit more.

The truth is that the development of an interior design project for airports is not the easiest task.

In addition to the movement of thousands of people from all over the world, there are measures of extreme importance that are related to the safety of passengers.

These always should be spaces with clean colours and good lighting. The furniture needs to be practical and functional. Something that will help the travellers to relax before their flights.

Inside the terminals, in addition to the areas occupied by the airline companies, there are always businesses related to food, travel gadgets, shopping and numerous functions that are designed to provide comfort and well-being during the time of the travel process.

Not only airports, but the travel industry in general use tools to make life easier for the travellers, such as PlaneAhead tracking your itinerary from the day of the purchases until the takeoff.

Shopping Centres

As I live in Birmingham, I have a quite interesting view about commercial interiors when I see paces such as the Selfridge and its quirky design that is famous around the world. But it’s not all shopping centres that can make this impact.

Shopping centres are spaces that bring together commercial establishments of various segments, besides containing common public areas such as food leisure, shops of all kinds, and coexistence.

This is all offered to customers with the main proposal to carry out purchases safely and comfortably.

When you visit this type of establishment, we barely notice the features of most of them. It is due to the fact, most of them are similar.

But when it brings the wow effect, you may notice that there are several elements to keep the customers entertained there.

Among them, the colours, comfortable and pleasant furniture, natural lighting, and all mechanism that is also working behind the walls, such as its maintenance and plumbing services provided by companies such as St. John Plumbing.

Art Galleries

Art galleries are also responsible for bringing innovative solutions to commercial interiors. Some art galleries deliver outstanding and iconic designs that are projected to make a great impression.

Natural or artificial light should be fully used to enhance the works of art, encouraging visitors to discover details of the exhibited pieces. MASP (Sao Paulo’s Museum of art) is a great example of an art gallery that is known for its elegant design.

The colours used on the walls and floor are usually neutral and transparent protective materials such as glass and acrylic. Living spaces you will find outside, separated from the exhibition halls. Some galleries such as New Art Gallery Walsall has also been impressive building when it comes to interior design.

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