Best Décor Ideas for Study Rooms


I am the kind of person who is always learning something new. But without a space to focus on my studies, it would be impossible to make it work properly.

I can’t even imagine not having my own studying room with accessories and decorations that will make it a comfy and productive place where you will usually spend hours there.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of ideas and inspirations on decorating a study room, and in this post, I thought about sharing the best ideas to decorate and set up your study area, ideal for children and adults.

Where to start from?

As you can imagine, there are different study areas. From adults to teens and children. It will vary according to different needs, ages, and the size of the space. It’s fundamental to use the space in a smart way.

For this reason, it’s better to plan your project in advance. Choosing from furniture to a studio room, lighting, accessories, and everything you need to convert into a practical, relaxing space ideal for studying or carrying out tasks at home.

Choosing the Perfect Space

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I do understand that most of us have to study in the bedroom, kitchen or sometimes, in the living room. But the truth is that to create this space, you will literally only need a corner of the house.

If it fits everything that facilitates your study time, and that keeps you isolated from the main events of the home to ensure your concentration. My spare room is my home office at this moment, and I make sure that it’s the place where I can focus on my tasks.

If you have a space to build a shed outside, it would be a perfect excuse to build a timber office. Imagine having a proper space where you can separate home from work without leaving your house.

Picking The Right Furniture

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If you want to give your study room a bit of style and personal touch, I recommend you invest in some cosy and practical furniture.

Having a table and chair just for the corner is essential to make your life easier, as it saves you from having to organize the space whenever you study. So, you don’t have to share the place with meals or any other activity in the house.

I personally like sturdy and large tables to fit a lot of equipment that I need such as laptops, notebooks, planners, computer screens and of course, a nice cup of coffee.

For this reason, I would invest in an oak wood table with industrial features to make its décor stands out.

Invest in lighting

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Like in every simple post on home improvement from this blog, you know I like to take lighting quite seriously. Why would it be different when it comes to a study room?

Even if you have a conservatory and the place chosen for the study corner is well lit during the day, it is essential to ensure adequate lighting for the night and cloudy days.

Studying in the dark can lead to several problems, and everyone already knows that. So, choose a table lamp or a direct light for your material, and your head position doesn’t cast a shadow.

You can find perfect lighting ideas for both adult and children’s rooms easily nowadays. My favourite type of lighting is something colourful to contrast with rustic furniture, or a black and white piece that works in any kind of ambient.

 Finding a comfy Chair

Photo by Elvis from Pexels

I don’t know about you, but it is practically impossible to be spending long hours in front of my computer screen without a comfy chair.

The more time you spend studying, the greater your need to choose the ideal chair for the study corner, one that supports your spine well, keeps you as upright as possible and is comfortable.

After all, there is no point in choosing beautiful furniture if it is not functional. I quite like large task chairs with a nice vibrant colour.


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