How to Raise a Good Team Player


Being able to work well as part of a team is an important skill for youngsters to develop and will benefit them throughout their education and into adulthood. However, teamwork is a skill that must be taught, it isn’t something that happens overnight. So, as a parent, it’s your job to help your child become a good team player. Here are some tips from a sports school in Somerset.

Explain That Everyone Has Different Skills

We are all different and our interests and skills reflect that. Help your child understand that when a group of people comes together to combine their different abilities and talents, they are able to form a great team. With that said, talk to your child about their own strengths and weaknesses and how they can use those to contribute to different situations.

Encourage Your Child to Pursue their Hobbies

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Lots of hobbies require children to work as part of a team to reach a common goal, such as drama, sports, or choir. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to encourage your child to pursue such extra-curricular activities if you want them to develop teamwork skills.

Promote Socialisation

Try and arrange plenty of playdates for your youngster, so that they become familiar with sharing, taking turns, and supporting their friends. These are all crucial elements of teamwork, so allow them to practice in a familiar, unstructured environment.

Encourage Unity in Your Home

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Help your child understand that your family is a team. The only way your household can thrive is if you all work together and cooperate. For example, if there are chores to do, ask your child to chip in and remind them that teamwork will get the job done much quicker. Praise them when you notice them doing something helpful around the house.

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