Beauty Treatments to Boost Your Confidence

It’s quite important to reaffirm that aesthetic treatment goes beyond trying to stay within a standard of beauty. The procedures that you decide to do can be a perfect booster to your self-esteem, well-being, and self-confidence.

For this reason, you shouldn’t feel bad when seeking an aesthetic procedure to feel good. There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself inside and outside. However, it’s always important to know the limit between what =makes you feel good and what makes you over-exaggerated.

Thus, aesthetics and well-being go hand in hand when it comes to seeking to feel good, as they are closely linked. Looking at your self-care, you can be sure that investing in a procedure will always bring many profits to your self-esteem

And in this post, you will discover that you can feel good about valuing and investing in yourself.

Peeling and Basic Skincare

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The skin is much more than an envelope that envelops us. It’s the largest organ in our body and it deserves to have daily care and extra attention.

Simple, and basic skincare is essential to keep the skin hydrated, healthy, and away from the actions of free radicals.

Another popular procedure is superficial to treat blemishes and melasma, medium peeling for wrinkles and certain marks and scars, and deep peeling for skins with a high index of imperfections.

The more intense the chosen method, the more significant the degree of flaking. After the procedure, it is essential to take extra care with sun exposure.

Hair Removal

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Getting rid of unwanted hair is a millennial problem, with long-term hair removal being especially challenging. Permanent laser hair removal methods use innovative technology to offer a simple, integrated solution for truly effective hair removal.

This can be highly effective due to using treating a large area, also being an effective and fast method compared to the other methods. The laser emits a beam of energy through the skin that is absorbed by the black pigment (melanin), present at the root of the hair follicles.

If the hair follicle is under treatment, repeated sessions are necessary to destroy about 80% of the hair.

Manual Lymphatic drainage

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a great treatment for those feeling bloated. It offers the well-being that our body needs to maintain the proper functioning of the lymphatic system and, for this reason, is in the ranking of the procedures most sought after by patients.

Through this body massage, all the toxins that are accumulated between your cells, as well as all the retained fluid, are lymphatic. The result is reduced fat, decreased cellulite, and improved blood circulation.


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Treatment with the botulinum toxin popularly known as Botox consists of the application of a non-surgical injection in areas where wrinkles are more easily formed, such as on the forehead, around the eyes, and in the region near the eyebrows.

When applied to the muscle causes the relaxation of the region, so it decreases the effects of time that cause wrinkles and expression lines. The procedure can be performed in the clinic or dermatological office itself and requires basic care after its application. Botox effects last approximately 4 months.

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