Lifewit Storage Bags and Boxes

I am not going to lie; I am obsessed with storage boxes and organisers in general. This is a trend both at home and at work that makes our life easier in so many aspects.

It’s a great way to take advantage of space and quickly find that object that hasn’t been used in a long time. Not to mention that they can be used as part of the decoration and still help to conserve important items.

Because it has so many uses, there are different sizes, shapes, and prices, including basic models and more elaborate ones. So, it’s always important to choose boxes and bins according to your needs. To make sure you get the right choice.

What is Lifewit?

This month, I am testing Lifewit storage bags and bins. Lifewit offers homeware solutions to help you organise and create a comfortable and organised space in your home. Everything that I needed and asked for to start living in my new home soon.

As I will be moving out soon, I am trying to think about storage that will not only make my life easier but will also be effective and durable.

Storage Bag Organiser

In the wardrobe, you can use storage bags and boxes to organise those items you don’t often use such as delicate sheets, winter clothes, or items that deserve greater care.

This storage bag set is an excellent option to store items such as sheets, pillow sheets, duvets, bath towels, face towels, or larger items such as blankets that are used a few times a year.

It’s quite versatile for being used for a closet or cloakroom, also a good choice for university dormitory, attic, and bedroom use. I love its colours and style with a transparent side that facilitates identifying the items stored. The load-bearing capacity is doubled making this organiser a quite good match for families or businesses that need to optimise space.

Collapsible Storage Baskets

Here is an item that combines usability with design. These collapsible storage baskets can be placed in the living room or bedroom to store sundries, toys, magazines, and more. Neutrally designed to adapt to your decor, this is a great addition to save space and stay organised.

They are perfect for use in the living room, study room, or bedroom to store notebooks, stationery, and toys, among other items that you often use and need to be in space easy to be found.



Made of a biodegradable material, and safe to use bis are quite durable and made to last longer than you can expect.  There are two size options to go for (pack of 6) – Each storage bag measures 23.6 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 60 x 43 x 35 cm, with capacity 90L.

Why should you have LifeWit Storage bags and boxes?

I love the colours and style of the clothes storage bag set with a transparent side that facilitates identifying the items stored. They are just fabric bags, with no metal support inside, which are super easy to fold away into a drawer or cabinet to save space.

The handle is sewn with two layers of thick fabric is quite useful and makes it easy to carry around. I would recommend this storage organiser.

The storage baskets are great for storing items of various types, making them easier to find and keeping the environment in order.

In addition, they are great as decoration objects, especially when the design is chosen based on the characteristics of the environment in which it will be placed. It fit quite well on my cabinet, perfectly fusing into my room decor.

Overall, both products are practical and stylish products to use as quality storage in your home. it’s also a quite good value for money product considering it comes with more than  3 products per package.

*I received the product complimentary from Lifewit for testing purposes

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