Things to do and see in Inverness

If you already visited the Highlands or intent to visit it someday, you will definitely pass by or stay in Inverness. The “capital of the Highlands” is in northern Scotland and it is a vibrant city that has recently welcomed new attractions and restaurants.

It is also an enviable location, close to some of Scotland’s most enchanting countryside and a getaway to most of the popular attractions in the area.  You can reach it by coach, car, train, or airplane and experience the door-to-door Inverness airport transfer service to make your travel arrangements always on time.

Inverness has all the elements that make up the attractiveness of city life while experiencing the best that nature has to offer. For being a small town, it is quite easy to get around to enjoy its several historic sites and boozing nightlife, and popular attractions in the Highlands.

You can always jump on a hop-on, hop-off city sightseeing bus to make the most of the city. But I would recommend you walk around Inverness to have another perspective of this gorgeous Scottish destination.

So, let’s list here the main things to do and see in Inverness:

Stroll by the River Ness

To start with, take a moment to feel the city having a nice stroll by the river Ness. Yep, the famous one. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and gorgeous Scottish skies. I remember having a quite long walk around it on a calm day, far from the city’s buzzing vibes.

You can enjoy the peaceful interior of the Inverness cathedral, and its stunning architecture, and learn more about the city’s history.

Don’t forget to cross “The Wobbly Bridge”, also known as Greig Street bridge. You will have lovely views from both sides of the river.

Dunrobin Castle

Did you know Inverness has a castle? Oh well, it’s on the top of a hill, so you won`t miss it, anyway. Dated back to the early 1300s, Dunrobin Castle is the most northerly of Scotland’s great houses and the largest in the Northern Highlands with 189 rooms.

Being also one of Britain’s oldest continuously inhabited houses. Its viewpoint is the best place to have scenic views of the city and parts of the Highlands.

Urquhart Castle

Probably one of the most picturesque attractions in the surroundings, the journey to Urquhart castle from Inverness lasts only 40 minutes. The ruins, dating from the 13th to 16th centuries, stand beside the river Ness bank.

Its privileged view makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Scotland receiving thousands of tourists a year. The Urquhart castle t played an important role in the struggle for Scottish independence and came under the control of Robert the Bruce after he became King of Scots.

We had the privilege to visit it on a beautiful sunny day, which provided beautiful photos, putting us in the mood to enjoy the stunning surroundings of the Highlands. It is worth a visit before or after seeing the famous Loch Ness.

Loch Ness

Everybody with a bit of traveling bug has heard of the Loch Ness monster before. And of course, it is impossible to visit the Highlands without thinking about visiting Loch Ness hoping to see the famous creature.

We tried our luck spending a lot of time by this impressive lake. It has approximately 37 kilometres of a large, deep, freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands. It’s obviously known for the eligible apparitions of the famous monster.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it. But the whole trip to Loch Ness, including visiting the quite popular Cobbs café, situated in the heart of Loch Ness, and a great stop for a cup of coffee and some cake.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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