Sophisticated and Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s difficult to believe it’s already March. But mother’s month is here to remind you it’s time to think about how to celebrate this important date.

The truth is that mums have varied styles, and each has its own particular character. Even though, we don’t need to exaggerate when finding her a perfect gift. Simple and surprising items are always a nice touch and will make your mother happy.

The special Mother’s Day gift is one in which you place all your love and gratitude for this special person in your heart. However, it is not always easy to gift someone we feel so fond of. From the practical to more sophisticated ones. So, we’ve come up with a lot of ideas to help you on this mission.

Robovac G20 | Eufy by Anker

Let’s start with a present that every woman should have on their wishlist. The reason is quite simple – we do not have time to waste when sorting trivial tasks, and we deserve to be hands-free this Mother’s Day and every single day of the year.

The RoboVac G20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart and dynamic vacuum cleaner that can clean floors more efficiently and can be controlled by your smartphone from wherever you are with zero effort. I love its ultra-slim design that can cover more spaces too.

Non-alcoholic Sparkling wine | Lyre’s 

Special moments require special wines, right? Sure! If your mother likes to toast from the small to the great achievements, bubbles are always a good pressie.

This gorgeous Classico grande non-alcoholic Sparkling wine is the best option for moms that don’t drink alcohol but doesn’t want to miss the party. This is the perfect fizz that tastes like wine and will bring some sparkles to any Mother’s Day celebrations.

Craft Kit | Craftiosity

What mothers don’t like to be creative? They keep reinventing themselves. For this reason, this craft kit is a perfect gift to bust their ideas, making it a hobby without leaving their homes.

Every mom deserves “me time” to relax and enjoy some activities they like. With different boxes every month delivered at the doorstep, they can get into a diverse world of craftwork and have some fun learning new skills.

Essential Oil Reed Diffuser | Pure Lakes

Who doesn’t feel more relaxed when the house is clean and fragrant? This is a feeling that we want to keep all day. For this reason, essential oil diffusers are perfect presents for this Mothe’s Day because they spread the aroma and humidify the dry air and are indispensable items to relax.

And because it’s natural, it just makes things better, this reed diffuser is made using only plant ingredients – just essential oils and a natural glycerine base. Sweet Basil & Orange essential oil blend – one of our World Heritage blends, refreshing and awakening.

Core Coffee Press + Coffee Subscription | Barista & Co

For mothers that like to make the coffee time a special moment, a core coffee press can be a perfect match for gifting her on such a special day. A core coffee press is also an option for those who are looking for a plastic-free coffee maker.

To make this present more special why not choose a coffee subscription with a seasonal house coffee that goes hand in hand with our coffee press. This house roasted coffee and the core press will make the last-minute gift for any coffee lover.

 5-Piece Cheese Serving Set | Viners

For mothers who love to gather with friends and family and always have a perfect excuse to have some wine and cheese night in, this 5-piece cheese serving set is perfect for entertaining and serving the guest with elegance.

Whether you’re hosting some friends for happy hour at home, dinner, or sharing an intimate sunset glass of wine with your own in your garden, a finely-cured cheese board is an essential helper for your evening wine glass – so why? don’t make it even prettier for your guests and of course Instagram stories, right?

3-Pieces Set Tea, Coffee, Sugar Storage | Typhoon Homewares

A must-have for any stylish kitchen, this beautiful set with 3 with tea, coffee and sugar storage is going to be a great pressie option this Mother’s Day.

This industrial-chic collection brings a cosy and warm atmosphere to our kitchen.  It’s a sophisticated gift that will certainly that will give an elegant touch to our kitchens. I am sure your mother will feel inspired by this present every time she prepares a nice cuppa.

Flower Bouquets and Potted Plants | Blooming Artificial  

I am 100% sure that most of the mothers out there love flowers. And of course, it’s a quite popular gift on Mother’s Day, but sometimes we just must admit that they don’t last too long.

So why not think about artificial plants and flowers this year? Blooming Artificial has more realistic, more durable and made with quality flower bouquets, hanging baskets, outdoor and indoor trees, potted plants to make a gorgeous décor piece to your mother’s home.

I would recommend a meadow bouquet, hydrangea bouquet or  geranium patio planter to bring more colour, beauty and style to inside and outside spaces in the house. No watering is needed, and no deadheading, and it is a quite elegant present for this special day.

Gold Initial Necklace | MYRI London 

First, to get the present right, you need to define your mother’s style. For the more classic mother, bet on more discreet and formal pieces, or modern moms will prefer something quirky and artisanal.

Jewellery already has its material value, but what do you think of making it priceless with a little customisation? This gold initial personalised necklace is Simple in design, though exquisite in its finish.

A custom necklace is a go-to piece in ladies’ jewellery boxes, and this Mother’s Day it’s a personalised touch that will bring her beautiful memories every time she wears it.

Mother-daughter Ring 

You can also bet on a mother daughter ring to present the special woman in your life. After all, a mother-daughter bond is quite strong and it should be celebrated with a meaningful gift.

Its stunning design makes this ring an outstanding present that can be personalised with a special message for your loved one.


Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads | Jungle Culture

Currently, gifting our loved ones has been a subject of conversation since people are increasingly looking for a purpose behind the product with the aim of improving the relationship with people without forgetting the environment.

That’s why sustainable gifts are taking traction on the market every day. For this Mother’s Day, I am going to recommend these reusable makeup remover pads as an excellent introduction to a more sustainable skincare routine.

These ultra-soft cotton and bamboo fibre makeup remover rounds are intended for use with all skin types and on sensitive skin regions such as the eyes. Making a sustainable switch to a zero-waste sanitary product doesn’t just help the environment, it helps our pockets. And I bet she will love it!

Inflatable Kayak | Aquaplanet

You need a series of tools in your day-to-day life so that you can carry out your activities. So, when it comes to gifting, it’s great to think about items that can add value to your journeys.

If you are buying for a more adventurous mother, one of Aquaplanet’s inflatable kayaks could be the perfect gift! These robust kayaks come in one- and two-person versions and could be a great option if you plan a staycation in the UK this summer.

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