The Benefits of Living in a Motorhome

Living in a motorhome and traveling at the same time seems like a dream, doesn’t it?! I do confess that I already thought about spending a month travelling in a motorhome. And I am sure you already had this idea too.

The idea of having nature at your doorstep, exploring different landscapes passing through different countries when you want it. Yep. I know it is probably not as fusible as it looks, but the truth is that many people are choosing to live in a motorhome instead of having a home with a postcode.

Also, traveling by motorhome has become a trend after the need for isolation and social distancing due to the coronavirus.

With that said, I decided to research and prepare a guide on the benefits of living in a motorhome for those who are thinking about leaving their homes for good to hit the roads in their motorhomes.


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This may vary from place to place, but most of the time motorhome travel offers savings, as the cost of lodging, ticket prices, car rental, and restaurants, on a conventional trip, can be much more expensive.

The ideal is to consider the rental of the vehicle (if it is rented), expenses with fuel, insurance, camping, food, and the necessary utensils (if not included in the package) and compare it with the expenses of the conventional trip.

It’s important to secure your vehicle as well and choosing a reliable motorhome insurer is part of this process. The good news is, that a variety of motorhome insurance quotes can be found online. have a look at the market and compare motorhome insurances to find the best deals and instant quotes that will save you time and money.

It is also important to note that you can count on 24-hour assistance for current problems on the road when you are insured.


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Another benefit of living in a motorhome when travelling is the practicality in some daily tasks such as having a shower or eating your meals.

There is no check-in or check-out and don’t even waste time unpacking. The motorhome offers a comfortable and practical experience as there is nothing you can’t do inside, including cooking your own meals and bathing.

And if you want to have a change in the routine, there is always a service where you can stop and take a nice shower and buy some different meals in restaurants and cafés you find on the road.

Making New Friends

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It seems to be a bit strange to think we can make new friends travelling. I have some friends living on different continents and I can say it is totally possible to keep in contact with them, even when you are in the city they live for a long.

The truth is you will meet new people during your travels when living in a motorhome. These people will be part of your life for a while, and you can even build some strong friendships over the years.

And when you meet someone else who has a motorhome, there is a huge sharing of information, tips, advice, and stories of adventures on the road.

And when you meet local people from the city or country you are in, there is always a possibility of exchanging knowledge with these people because they know that place, what to do and see, where to eat good and cheap food, and what is worth visiting and what attraction is a not to miss.


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As you can imagine, many digital nomads choose to live in motorhomes as well. As they can work from “home” anywhere and anytime they want.

You probably have watched some Youtubers who are always recording their experiences and then marketing them, either through YouTube or similar platforms, as well as selling their experiences to tourism-related companies.

There are lots of other types of work that can be done when you are travelling. In this way, you use your camper to travel to those places and you are the time you find convenient, being able to perform functions of all kinds, almost anywhere in the world.

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  1. It sure was nice that you said that renting a motorhome could offer you to save money on lodging, ticket prices, restaurants, and others. With this in mind, my husband and I will consider renting a motorhome before this month ends. We are planning a 3-4 week travel trip in May, and we definitely want to find ways to keep everything within the budget.

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