How to Have a Safer Trip on a Campervan

I love motorhomes and I still have the dream of crossing New Zealand roads on a campervan. But I also know that a trip in a campervan must be well planned, after all, it will be your “home on the road”.

It will certainly ensure freedom and excitement, but we also need to think about safety and regulation issues. For this reason, I have prepared this guide with some tips on having a safer trip on a campervan.

Choosing the Best Model

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It seems obvious, but it’s always good to remember that you should choose a model of campervan according to your needs. But what is the best size or best model?

Some people travel solo, while others take the whole family. So, the space inside must be decided according to the number of travellers.

As for the structure, the vehicle needs to have a toilet, kitchen, and quite cosy sleeping area. On the other hand, it is important to have basic equipment such as an oven, fridge, table, and air conditioning.

Attention to Documentation

Whether you are planning a weekend out or months travelling on your RV, it’s always important to carry all necessary documents with you. The vehicle documentation, your personal documents, and the correct international driver’s license are some of those important papers.

Not to mention that campervan insurance is an essential part of this task too. After all, it’s pointless to have a top-notch and well-equipped campervan on the road, if there is no insurance to protect it from eventual problems such as robbery and minor or major accidents.

More than protecting your car with maintenance and revisions, taking out auto insurance is essential to ensure that it is covered in the most diverse situations.

Picking Your Road Itinerary

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Depending on where you are going on your motorhome, the roads won’t have a good infrastructure. It can make your travels a bit dangerous. or increase time spent on a stretch. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself about the conditions of the roads and, if possible, exchange the worst quality ones for the ones with the best infrastructure.

Research about the cities and towns you will pass by to avoid damaging the vehicle. Also, choose the ones where you can find safe parking spots or campaign sites to get some rest in peace, safety, and comfort.

 Invest in Gadgets and Tech

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My husband is obsessed with geography, and he is quite good at knowing places by heart. He can memorise routes from our home to different parts of the UK. But even though, we always have maps and apps downloaded, just in case we get lost on our journeys.

When technology fails, a printed map can save the driver. So, take the time to understand how the GPS works, but also to get to know the legends and other map information.

Also, it’s quite interesting to have your itinerary prepared in advance. It is best to define in advance the places you want to visit, to search for possible places to stop on your route, and save time and money when travelling.

Simone Ribeiro
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