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It’s no surprise that the UK weather is quite unpredictable. But it seems that Spring is already here to stay. That’s also time to add some colours and lighter clothes to our wardrobe.

If you are looking for a relaxed and practical look for this season, t-shirts and sweatpants can be the right choice to make up your style, being also ideal for a stripped-down look. Also, these key pieces give a breath of fresh air to your closet and receive spring with these new infallible looks. For me, feeling comfortable comes first when it comes to choosing an outfit.

This month, I was lucky enough to receive some pieces from the Chinese brand Peacebird to style new looks and start my Spring in the right mood. I fell in love with the women’s collection and its street style too. So, here are my picks for comfy Spring looks.

Bear T-shirt

I am just in love with this piece. This bear t-shirt in green is everything you need to bring some colours to your wardrobe.

In addition to being stylish, it’s quite a comfortable piece for being a loose fit. This gorgeous bear tee is also a quite fun piece to use on cooler or warmer days.

I can style it in a casual look with a jeans jacket or wear it an elegant way with a blazer combining it with more noble or formal fabrics. I love this tee in green, but you can also choose it in black, grey, or white.

Letter T-shirt

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with lettering fonts. So, I was quite happy to choose a t-shirt that would have a great combination of lettering on it. I am just obsessed with this colourful embroidery letter t-shirt that is also a perfect streetwear kind of piece for wearing in a casual way or creative way. For being oversized, it fitted quite well, and it works perfectly when you are looking for a piece to compose your capsule wardrobe.

I have got mine is black, but you can also find this model in white. I love the quality of its embroidery pattern, and it is my favourite black t-short for this spring. I just want to point out that I have a quite fluffy cat, and it is impossible sometimes to keep my black pieces of clothes without his fur stuck to them. My cat’s fault only. 😉

Black Sweatpants

In the UK, we call it soft trousers. And I do confess that I used to think about it as a comfy piece to wear at home when you don’t really want to go out.

But these black sweatpants have changed my views. For being made of Cotton 97.8%; Spandex 2.2% it’s comfy and quite stylish. And I would like to highlight that this flexible elasticated waistband is a nice touch to this piece.

I can see myself wearing these sweatpants not only to go out to lunch or go to the movies but also at work (if the cooperative corporate environment allows it!). It also works with basic sneakers and looser t-shirts; the look is perfect for enjoying a lazy weekend or even travelling.

I found this piece super functional and is the missing touch for those who love to create looks full of personality, but without losing comfort and practicality.

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*I received the product complimentary from Peacebird for testing purposes. 


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