Best Rings for a Wedding in Spring


It must be true that we get more inspired during the warmer days. Inspired to be more creative as well. It probably reflects in the choice of your clothes and accessories too.

If you have a wedding to prepare for when spring comes, it will certainly find some inspiration in the warmer seasons too.

In the wedding industry, trends reflect the behaviour of a group of people, with strong reflexes in changing people’s habits and behaviour, their way of dressing and relating to fashion also changes.

I personally think it’s easier to style a wedding ring and accessories in Spring and Summer. That’s when we find the best trends and the most interesting ideas for planning these special occasions.

In general, despite maintaining certain classic and timeless patterns, are always renewed every year. We will always take inspiration from the catwalks and the references in fashion magazines to offer something new and exciting.

But I also do believe that some trends will prioritise some brands that are inclusive, responsible, aware and that respect the three basic pillars of sustainability.

With this said, here are my pick of the best wedding rings to choose for a wedding in Springtime.

Eternity Wedding Bands



A swirl band design takes this eternity wedding band to the next level. An Eternity ring is one of those beautiful rings with the bezel completely encrusted by precious stones, usually diamonds – which brings a modern aesthetic finish to it.

The diamonds placed on this classic wedding ring will represent eternal love. Therefore, they are perfect to celebrate the time they are together. In addition, they perfectly match a gorgeous wedding too.

Engagement Rings


A quite important part of the wedding path is choosing the engagement rings. It always will have a special meaning to some people. The brides usually keep the engagement rings after the wedding, adding another layer to the math of their wedding ring.

Full of meaning and delicacy, the solitaire ring is the perfect jewellery for special occasions such as marriage proposals, 15th birthdays and anniversaries. Although it has gained more elaborate versions over the years, this classic engagement ring stands firm as an object of female desire.

Bridal Sets

If you are looking to impress at your wedding, this is the right wedding ring for you. Bridal sets can be the perfect excuse to join the most gorgeous and meaningful rings in one way.

It usually complements each other in a quite aesthetically way. For this reason, I would recommend you invest in a colourful precious stone to add a personal touch to it.

The Emerald Greenstone is a popular and timeless one to add to your bridal set. It is one of the most positive stones, capable of providing physical, mental, and emotional balance to its wearer.

In addition, emerald is also known for its protective and revitalizing powers, being perfect for alleviating anxiety and regenerating energy. What about you? What is your favourite wedding ring for this Spring? Let me know what is your favourite below in the comments.


Simone Ribeiro
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