Switching Back to Summer Tyres

Are you a new convert to the idea of seasonal tyres? If so, you might not be sure when the best time is to make the switch, firstly to winter or cold-weather tyres, and secondly, back to your summer or regular tyres. Here are some ways that will help you know when to make the switch back to summer tyres.

What Temp is It?

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In general, cold weather tyres work best in snow, ice, mud, and when the ambient temperature is below 7°C. Once spring has arrived, and temperatures during your commute are reliably above 7°C, you can make the change back to your summer tyres. Do make sure you check the temperatures during your commutes though, take a reading of the maximum and minimum temperatures and average those out: it tends to be colder early in the morning and later in the afternoon – just when you are commuting – than it is at noon when it will be warmest, and you will not be driving.

Spring Forward/ Fall Back?

Do you remember which way to change the clocks by using this saying? Using British Summer Time as a reminder to change your tyres from winter ones to your summer set is an excellent way to do it. Clock changes tend to happen approximately when winter begins and when spring arrives, and coincidentally, but very pleasingly so, this is roughly when the temperatures dip enough for cold weather tyres or raise enough for summer tyres to make their return.

Set a Reminder

Photo by Mikey Dabro

A notation on a calendar, flip ahead in your diary, use your online calendar (most email programs have associated calendar features) or make a note on your mobile phone. Any of these are excellent ways to remind yourself to change your tyres at the appropriate time of the year.

At first, you will have to pay attention to the temperatures in your area (or ask your mechanic) to know when the best time is to make the tyre switch, but once you have established a good timeframe, note that down in your diary or calendar is a quick and simple matter, ensuring that you will be reminded to change your tyres in good time. And then you can book online and get cheap tyre fitting from Dartford Tyre. Enjoy their special summer discounts!

You should make a point of changing your tyres promptly when conditions are right. Winter tyres are excellent in cold conditions but can be soft and slippery in hot and dry weather, wearing out rapidly and making your drive feel slushy and unresponsive. Summer tyres are harder, and thus better in warm weather, with sharper response times for a safer driving experience.

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