Santoku Knife – Assure Elite Collection from Viners


If you like cooking, you probably heard of the so-called “chef’s knife” is probably the main kitchen utensil they have in their kitchen. The traditional Japanese Santoku knife is the most inspiring Chef’s knife you can get.

The fact is that we all should pick our kitchen appliances carefully. Looking for quality first, then practicality.

Anyone who starts to take the kitchen more seriously, or falls in love with it, immediately sees the need to have good tools to work with. And the knife, among the many gadgets we use for cooking, is often the first on a cook’s wish list.

But a simple search on what knives to buy usually brings up so much information (much of it outdated and useless) that it’s hard to decide. I love cooking, so I am happy to invest in quality utensils.

As I do love cooking, I am trying different tools and knives. This month, I am using the Santoku Knife that part of the Assure Elite Collection from Viners.

Designed with new and innovative knife blades which place safety and functionality at once.

What is the Assure Elite Collection?

Assure Elite collection offers a range of six knives, designed with the same distinctive square tip and supremely sharp cutting blades.

The “no pointed tip” knives collection launched by Viners is a safer alternative to conventional and traditional knives.

These six different knives can be used for different tasks in the kitchen, from food prep to professional catering work.


You can buy individual knives. So, I have chosen the traditional Santoku Knife to start my collection. This Japanese-style Santoku knife is o what you can have in the best of all-purpose knives.

It’s ideal to prepare fish like salmon offering a quite precise slice. I also use it to chop vegetables, and slice onions.

In Japan, the Japanese santoku knife is one of the most used inside the kitchens for everyday use. It’s a versatile item that is perfect to be used in different preparations in the kitchen. For this reason, it is one of the most popular ones among chefs. And the best option to use in general tasks in your kitchen.

Why should you get this Santoku Knife by Viners?


To start with, its no pointed tip design is differential which makes this knife a quite safe item in the kitchen. Its ergometric handle makes it a quite comfortable knife to use when handling precise tasks such as slicing salmon.

I thought this knife a quite easy to use in different tasks. A perfect blade can slice or cut ingredients effortlessly. Traditional Japanese knives have a unique shape of their blades, that is thinner toward the tip. This particularity allows for a more precise cut.

I am using the santoku knife to prepare different types of sashimi. It’s an inspiring item when it comes to a multipurpose knife. It’s also quite an affordable one too.

This is actually a new item in my collection. I have used Viner’s knives for quite a while now and I can’t recommend you better ones. They have a gorgeous design and offer quality solutions in cutlery for over centuries.

I would recommend this knife for cooking enthusiasts that would like to master the preparation of sushi and sashimi, and need a quality occidental alternative to the traditional Japanese knives.

*I received the product complimentary from Viners for testing purposes

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