4 Quick Delicious Vegan Recipes with Violife Cheese


I guess that everybody knows that meat consumption, generates a polluting industry, responsible not only for the emission of gases that accelerate global warming but also for the devastation of forests for pastures and soybean plantations, used for animal feed.

Veganism has been adopted by more and more people around the world, looking for a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle. I have been vegetarian for one year and a half, and I always thought that being vegan would be a quite bigger step.

But you would be quite surprised to know that vegan recipes are quite easy to be done. Don’t think that vegan recipes are just made up of salad and vegetables. Yep. Vegan food can be fun!

Not to mention that many of these ingredients used to prepare these recipes can be the same one’s part of our daily life.

So, even if you don’t think about being vegan so soon, you should try these truly delicious meals to understand that it’s not difficult to reduce meat consumption if you pick the right ingredients.

We are surrendered by great ingredients such as vegan cheese to help us discover a new world full of wonderful flavours, aromas, and textures. If, on the other hand, you are already vegan, innovate in the recipes with our very simple and easy-to-make suggestions.

How about learning practical vegan and vegetarian recipes for doing at home? Here are some of my favourite quick vegan recipes using cheese.

Margherita Pizza

Let’s be honest, pizza is fast food that’s hard to give up. And a meal that is practically a hit can also be prepared without any animal derivative and still be delightful!

I have prepared this Margherita pizza using original flavours grated cheese, tomato sauce and basil.

I used a pizza base from supermarkets, but I also suggest you can replace the dough with the version made of sweet potato or broccoli which are both easy to make.


When you think about burgers, automatically comes to your mind – meat. One of the hardest dishes to give up when you don’t eat meat is the burger.

Fortunately, there are several options of totally vegan and tasty burgers, which are not very difficult to make. Using original flavour slices in this recipe to bring the flavour up and consistency of the burger also replaces the nutritional values of the dish.

Like I have said before, these are recipes also suitable for vegetarians, so I haven’t used vegan mayonnaise, but of course, you should skip this step or find the best vegan mayo to go for.

Baked Camembert with Caramelised Onion Chutney

Here is one of my favourites- this Le Rond camembert flavour is quite a versatile cheese. And if you want a healthier option, it’s worth betting on this recipe. Here, the top cone of the cheese is removed, so cuts are made on it.

Next, the cheese is topped with olive oil and rosemary. I have used my microwave to hit it up, but you can also use the oven or even an air fryer. That’s a quite straightforward dish.

I love topping it up with chutney – and I have used caramelised onion for this delicious recipe.

Vegan Sandwich with Smoked Cheese

Who says you need a lot of meat protein in sandwiches to make them taste good? The vegetarian sandwiches I’ll propose below are packed with flavour and have no meat at all.

All you need to have in your hands is a quite tasty and strong cheese to make it stands out. This smoky cheddar flavour slices with a hickory smoky delivered it.

It’s my favourite vegan cheese at this moment. Also, you will not require much time to make sandwiches like this, and they will be as good as the ones you order in a restaurant.

*I received the product complimentary from Violife for testing purposes


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