Essential Utensils to Have in the Kitchen This Spring


Spring is here! I love to update my home for the new seasons. And I guess the kitchen is the place to be inspired in the warmer weather – when you cook lighter food and just want to have healthier meals.

We decided to make your life more functional, colourful, and practical.  To help when preparing a recipe or even assist in the kitchen of the day to day, these tips go to those who began to fall in love with gastronomy, or even for you who are new home.

We’ve separated some tips from things you can’t miss in the kitchen and still make your life a lot easier.

There are thousands of kitchen utensils for every preparation we can imagine. If you are going to have your first home, think that the heart of each house is the kitchen, so you should know our list of essential utensils to be able to cook and prepare your meals and your guests, easily and effectively. This new season, I am trying new kitchen appliances and utensils from OXO.

Vegetable Chopper With Easy-Pour Opening


When you like to cook, it’s important to think about the tools that make your life easier in the kitchen. We are also looking for ways of preparing healthier meals and balanced dishes. Whether we like it or not, vegetables are a fundamental part of any diet.

I love vegetables and I eat quite a lot of vegetables a week. But I do confess that sometimes it’s quite laborious to cut and prepare them.

Therefore, the vegetable cutter becomes an indispensable and valuable accessory that facilitates this task with the added benefit of saving effort and time that can be used for other tasks.


This vegetable chopper came to help me out quite a lot in the kitchen. I do cook every day and I am not a big fan of chopping onions. So, here is the best solution for how to chop onions quickly and safely.

I have used it with other types of fruits and veggies, and I like how it can be done without removing the lid.

It is made of plastic it includes a peeler, and a protective sleeve and it is quite easy to clean the holes that are more difficult to reach.

The lid provides an efficient chopping keeping the food in place. It’s a quality product that is also a versatile kitchen appliance.

Good Grips Hand-Held Spiraliser


Let’s be clear and objective: having the best vegetable cutter should be a priority in every type of kitchen. They are practical, agile, and not expensive.

The way this spiral cutter operates is quite simple. Just insert the vegetable in the centre and rotate, much like the way you use a pencil sharpener.

With this vegetable cutter, you can produce continuous spiral threads or pieces of wavy tape, whether from fruits or vegetables.

I use a lot of courgettes in my cooking, and I also like to prepare courgette carbonara now and then. If you follow low-carb, gluten-free regimens, this is the perfect grater.

It has good security, is comfortable, and was designed respecting the physical and cognitive limitations of the handler, providing a peaceful practice for the user.

The OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer creates is the most practical solution to preparing my healthier pasta. The open-blade design accommodates round vegetables making it easier to use it. The food holder keeps your hands safe and helps you use all the vegetables, minimizing waste.

I received the product complimentary from OXO for testing purposes

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