Smart Spring-Cleaning Tools and Accessories


Here are two things that I love about home projects – Spring cleaning and home appliances. The truth is that these smart cleaning devices are probably not at the top of the traditional spring-cleaning supply lists, but once you start, you won’t want to go back to anything that is not functional enough.

From a tool that helps you to remove the fur of your pets and the interior of the cars to an electric cleaner for the dirt that accumulates around the reader, these devices help you to clean difficult areas of your home mated of time.

When it comes to cleaning accessories, there are plenty of smart ones on the market nowadays. From high-tech gadgets to manual tools, everything is thought to make your life easier when it comes to keeping your home tidy and clean.

Here is my list of essential and smart ones to go for proper Spring cleaning.

Extendable Tub & Tile Brush

tile brush
simone ribeiro

Cleaning the tiles of my bathroom is one of my pet hates. And I believe there is no big fan of this kind of task out there.

The idea of cleaning it with a quick twist to clean without climbing or crouching just changes the game completely.

The extendable tub and tile brush have bristled head pivots for cleaning at different angles, making them perfect for tubs, tiles, glass, floors, and narrow spaces around the toilet.

The bristles scrub broad surfaces and fit into corners while the front bristles are shaped to get into corners, recesses, and grout lines. It is definitely an accessory to put on your Wishlist.

Rubber Gloves

Photo by cottonbro

It seems a quite silly item, but it’s a quite effective one for me. A lot of people forget about them, but rubber gloves are indispensable in day-to-day life. The reason is quite simple: the hands need extra protection so that they are not exposed when they meet cleaning products – which can make them extremely dry or even suffer from allergies, for example. In addition, they are also allied so that the nail enamel does not peel after the dishes.

Blind cleaner

window blinds
Photo by Steve Johnson:

I was never a big fan of blinders. But it looks like I will have several of them at my new home.

For those who have horizontal shutters model shutters and have difficulty cleaning it, this utensil helps a lot. It has three garnishes coated with a microfiber fabric to facilitate at the time of cleaning. It is quite an affordable tool that I can’t way to give a go.

Air purifier

bedside table
Photo by Steve Johnson

This is one piece of equipment that it’s on my list for years but it’s also an investment that everyone should make when it comes to cleaning your home.

The air purifier does what you are imagining – leave the air clean in your rooms.

To do this, the device releases intense bursts of clean air that spread throughout the environment evenly and quietly.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

I have a quite furry cat that is a reason for cleaning furniture, carpets, and everywhere else in the house, to be honest. The quantity of fur in hidden spaces of the house is the main reason to invest in smart vacuum cleaners.

A vertical vacuum cleaner is a new tool on my list to facilitate my work. It cleans every single space of the house, including the bathroom.

*I received the product complimentary from OXO for testing purposes

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