Bringing Colours to the Kitchen with Food Worlds Fruit Bowls

I am not going to lie; I am quite excited about the start of Spring. The longer days and warmer mornings make us feel inspired to be outside.

I also think it’s important to get inspired without leaving your home too. I like to start in my kitchen choosing the essential utensils to make them stand out.

Nowadays it is possible to find models of many colours, styles and sizes, and the choice is quite personal. Therefore, select a model with calm.

So, this month, I am making a few changes in my kitchen, starting with bringing more colours to it. For my luck, I have received a new serveware World Foods collection of fruit bowls from Typhoon.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with kitchenware that is functional, practical, and stylish. I spend quite a lot of time in my kitchen and cooking is therapy for me. So, I do invest in it.

But do you know how to pick the right fruit bowls?

They are great pieces for storing food that should be kept at room temperature. With table, floor, or cupboard fruit trees, you break up food and they still last longer!

When fetching a fruit bowl, you will find it in several types: table fruit trees, floor and cabinets. There are still wall fruit options, but these are more difficult to find.

The fruit bowl can be on the kitchen countertop or on the living room table, leaving by hand the main fruits consumed by the people of the house. It ends up being part of the decoration and therefore can have several different styles.

So, here it is my new choices on fruit bowls – the Lemon and Lime new Food Worlds collection.

Lemon Oval Bowl

Like a medium-sized basket, it is perfect for delicate fruits. It is usually used only for fruits such as bananas, apples, avocados, or pears. They can be fully opened like this one, but it has a lid and can still count on a handle and a groove to rest serving spoons and forks.

The vibrant colours yellow embossed design on the outside and segment design on the inside make it stands out in my kitchen.

Produced from ceramic and hand finished with a durable glaze, this gorgeous lemon oval bowl is ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining. They also make great prep and side bowls.

Lime Oval Bowl

If you need more storage capacity and have a little more space in your kitchen, floor fruit trees are ideal. This lime oval bowl is a perfect match to store both fruits and vegetables.

These larger models are ideal for large families and for those who usually eat at home.

For this reason, I quite like the idea to have both fruit bowls in different sizes. a larger fruit bowl, which serves for a larger amount of fruit and a smaller one that functions as a decoration object as well. Everything stays in its place and stored as it should be.

*I received the product complimentary from the typhoon for testing purposes

Simone Ribeiro
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