Best Ways to Brew Coffee at Home


Everybody knows that Brazilians take coffee quite seriously. I am one of those Brazilians, I am afraid. I do love my coffee and, day by day, I try to improve my coffee-making skills.

I like buying new roast, trying different ways of preparing it, and researching everything about it – from producing countries to the way it is planted. But it was just when I started to collect different equipment to prepare it, that I realised that I may be more than obsessed with the art of brewing coffee.

More and more people are becoming coffee enthusiastic, and I believe it has to do with the variety of instant coffee brands available in the market. The different ways of preparing coffee at home make our experience with the drink even better!

Depending on how you like it or depending on the grain you have, some methods of preparing coffee are more indicated than others. But how do you know which one you will like the most? We will help you to find it out, presenting the best ways of brewing a nice cup of coffee at home.

French Press

brewing coffee in a French press
Photo by Georgi Petrov:

Here is one of the most pleasant ways of preparing coffee- the versatile method that can prepare different types of coffee, including the popular cold, brewed.

The first step to making coffee in this type of press is to add the hot water to the container to keep it warm, thus maintaining the temperature of the drink.

The French press is quite versatile because it doesn’t need to use paper or cloth filters, so it is ecologically smarter in this regard too. It is also easy to wash and disassemble, simplifying life.

Hario V60

brewing coffee on a Hario v60
Photo by Arun Thomas

My first experience brewing coffee using a Hario V60 a couple of years ago completely changed my way of brewing coffee. Of course, I have used coffee strainers before. But this brewing method is quite special.

This method of preparation begins with the scalding of the filter with hot water so that impurities from the paper are removed. When you’re done draining, throw the liquid away, then place the ground grains. The next step is pouring the water slowly to brew your coffee in the correct way and right temperature.

Hario V60 is the name given because of the cone at 60 degrees. It has a larger bottom opening than the other paper coffee strainers and spiral grooves that facilitate the passage of water homogeneously, resulting in a balanced coffee full of flavour. It’s pure art!

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee and dates
Photo by Ahmed Aqtai

One of the oldest preparation methods in the world, Turkish coffee is characterised by a thick and unfiltered drink. Resulting from an infusion with pulverised coffee (an extra-fine grinding), spices are added so that the dark and dense body of the unfiltered coffee beans is quite intense, and it can be intensified with a sweet flavour and spiced aroma. I love mine combined with some dates.

For the preparation of Turkish coffee, you will need a cezve (small brass or copper pan with a long handle).


a cup of espresso on a table made with mosaic
Photo by Igor Starkov

Here is one of the best instant coffee brewing methods. This method of preparation is simply a classic and occurs through pressure. I have an espresso machine at home, and I can guarantee you it was one of my best purchases.

The grains are freshly ground and subjected to a force of 9 bar in the espresso machine filter. In addition, the water should be heated at around 90 °C temperature.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to perfect coffee brewing. So, it is always better to research and practice as soon as you can!

Simone Ribeiro
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