4 Social Media Video Ideas for Tourism Brands

Promotion of destinations should be your priority. It would help if you expressed the place’s speciality to attract people’s attention. To do so, first, create a video highlights of the destination, capture some mega-events, and use video editing tools to give a perfect appearance. You can also use a video trimmer to delete unwanted video portions. 

Things to Consider to Highlight Destination

  • Define Unique Selling points
  • Define Target Audience & Market
  • Utilise Data for Analytics
  • Brand Your Destination
  • Involve all Stakeholders
  • Create an Amazing Destination Website
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Experience Marketing
  • Promote Your Destination on Travel Websites/Portals
  • Online Advertising Strategies

Make social media videos and promote them through the steps mentioned above. It will provide maximum exposure and business for your tourism brand.

Insider’s Peek

man filming on canyons
Photo by Serkan Bayraktar

Customers want a personalised experience, and they would like to explore the destination before booking. You can shoot a video with an insider’s peek or behind the titles of the scenes and share significant information about the place. 

If you own a resort or hotel, shoot a virtual tour of the kitchen, poolside, reception, and other facilities. These elements make customers and website visitors better informed about the experience they might have during the visit.

Communicative Videos

Connecting with end-users is crucial for tourism brands. People want to communicate with real faces instead of chatbots. Unfortunately, faceless brands often struggle to survive in the tourism business.

There should be a proper chat escalation with a prompt and relevant response. You can experiment with a two-tier system where chatbots respond to generic questions and humans for advanced queries.

To make videos interactive, interview famous people, local celebrities, and politicians and insert their experiences in the video. As a result, people relate to & follow these people and provide higher engagement, queries, and reservations.

It would help to list probable frequently asked questions that customers might ask. Then, your video should answer all those FAQs and provide a satisfactory response.


Who does not like cute puppies or kittens or Jungle safari?

Wildlife videos are loved, watched, and re-watched by us. We all like to experience and adore raw wildlife in its glory. If your tourism business includes wildlife, shoot a high-quality video of native animals and the surroundings of the forest, and post it on social media.

Use video editing tools and apply the video trimmer option for the best appearance and effect. Trimming is a handy feature of editing software.

How to Trim a Social Media Video?

  • Open the tourism video you intend to trim using a video trimmer.
  • Tap & drag the trim handles to choose the section of the tourism video you need for the post
  • After trimming, save a copy on your system, and your video is ready to roll.

If you are in the tourism business, videos should be an essential part of the marketing strategy. Whether you opt for interviews, wildlife, or a video tour of the facility, a well-made video will bring the persuasive visual appeal that businesses require to convert vacation enthusiasts into your next tourists or travellers.

Videos top the list of digital marketing strategies on social media channels and Google. But with time, businesses should innovate themselves to stay in line with the trend. Tourism videos and people’s expectations have evolved, and your videos should resonate with contemporary times. You cannot rely on videos from five years ago to bring new customers in 2022, stay updated, stay relevant, and remain ahead of the competition.

Latest Tourism Videos Trends in 2022

Here is the list of movers and shakers of the tourism business in 2022 and beyond.

Virtual Reality for Tourism

Virtual reality provides an immersive experience. You can feel an actual presence at the destination from your home with VR-based tools. Tourism brands are using VR to provide the experience of the destination in advance and remotely. 

People explore local attractions from anywhere, and businesses experience a boost in sales & traffic. VR-based videos for social media platforms are the perfect way to promote your destination.

Video 360 Degree Tours

Explore any leading tourism brand, and you will see how a 360-degree experience of the destination has become a mandatory part of their digital marketing strategy. People want a complete look and feel before booking your services. So give your customers what they want and improve conversions significantly.

Drone Video for Destination Marketing

Photo by invisiblepower

Tourism is all about the visual experience. If your customer is aesthetically satisfied and informed, there are higher chances of conversion. VR, 360 Degree Video Tours, and Drone Videos are the latest trends applied by tourism brands to enhance customer experience. 

Aerial drone videos should be an essential part of your digital marketing plan.

Live Streaming Attractions & Destination Hotspot

Live Streaming from resorts, jungle safari, rafting, etc., has become common video practice on social media. Tourism brands are applying this trend to enhance customer experience a step further.

People can feel and watch live activities from anywhere. Shortlist destination hotspots and go live on social media handles. It will boost customer engagement and conversions.

Concluding Remarks

The tourism business thrives when you communicate on a personal level and enhance the experience for the customers. Apply these four ideas and trends to make a stunning video for sharing on social media handles and provide the required boost for the business.

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