3 kitchen Storage Organisers to Make Your life Easier

In the kitchen, it is very important to have the necessary tools and ingredients always on hand.

When choosing kitchen furniture, we must go beyond the aesthetic aspect for which we choose. We must think of an interior that allows us to have pots, plates, cutlery, and spices perfectly organised. Although you can always use what you already have at home, the idea is to buy them to fit and integrate perfectly with the existing kitchen features.

Besides making it more functional and practical, you can also pick some pieces that are designed to meet our expectations in terms of style. In recent years its design has varied a lot and the organisers have played a great role in this transformation of our kitchen.

For this reason, I always try to find elegant pieces that can offer both – quality and practicality in the kitchen without being a bit pricey, of course.

This month, I have been introduced to three new Good Grips kitchen storage organisers that will make my kitchen stands out and food preparation much fun.

Compact Spice Drawer Organiser

In addition to the cutlery, you can organise your spices and other condiments in your drawer, thus preventing the jars from taking lots of space in the kitchen. In the same way, you can store pots, plates, and/or trays with total comfort, horizontally or vertically.

You will also find in the market the possibility of placing small garbage cans in one of these drawers, to discard organic matter, plastics, and glass in a practical way, while you cook.

This spice drawer organiser is perfect and allows you to store both round and square standard spice jars neatly in your kitchen drawers. It has a quite sturdy design with a tiered tray that keeps jars from rolling around and lets you see labels briefly.

And its non-slip feet keep the organiser in place when you open and close the drawer. Just love it.

Water Bottle Drying Rack


I do confess that I never thought about investing in a piece like this. But the truth is that this water bottle drying rack has been quite useful in the kitchen. Especially on the warmer days when I drink quite a lot of water, juice, and cold drinks.

So, it’s essential to keep your reusable water bottles and travel mugs clean and dry. I just love this rack’s innovative design holds that support up to four water bottles and four lids.

Also, the unique straw holders keep up to four reusable straws elevated for sanitary and efficient drying.

It’s a clever piece that can be folded when you need it. The Rack comes apart and neatly snaps into the base for easy, compact storage when not in use.

Saving a lot of space on the kitchen counter.

5-Piece Pop Container Set

Here is one of my favourite new pieces in my kitchen. This 5-piece pop container set is what you expect in innovative organisers. Pop containers aren’t just for kitchens: use them any place you want to store your items in a practical way. I quite like its elegant design with its curved corners for smooth dispensing.

It’s a quality and sturdy, BPA-free construction POP container that takes tidying to the next level.

The set is the perfect choice for keeping pantry staples fresh and kitchens organised. I quite like the idea of using different sizes of containers that be customised to fit any space. It makes it easy to store everyday must-haves like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, beans, coffee, grains, pasta, and spices.

*I received the product complimentary from OXO for testing purposes

Simone Ribeiro
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