8 Essential Child Dental Care Tips To Make Every Parent’s Life Easy

Kids with bad and unhealthy teeth find it difficult to perform routine tasks like eating and talking. Therefore, it is vital to make the children aware of how important oral care routine is and how to have healthy teeth. All new-age parents know the importance of a proper oral hygiene routine for kids’ dental care.

But at times, you might find yourself in a fix on where to start and how to gain your children’s interest in dental care. Here are 8 oral hygiene tips that proved to be effective in teaching dental hygiene to pre-schoolers and school-going kids as well.

8 Child Dental Care Tips

These 8 dental hygiene tips will come in handy in making your kids disciplined and vigilant about their oral health:-

Back to the Basics: Brushing & Flossing

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You should start brushing your kid’s teeth since he or she is a baby. That means from the age of 1, you can brush their teeth with water. You can also use a small dab of a toothbrush, but it shouldn’t have fluoride.

Show them the correct way of brushing. And tell your kids that teeth cleaning or brushing twice a day is non-negotiable. You can also provide a flosser with a handle.

Don’t let Cavities Form in Their Teeth

Cavities in kids are pretty common. These are the holes formed by the bacteria in your mouth. Kids who eat or drink a lot of sugary and starchy food are more likely to catch cavities. Babies can catch cavities from other family members having cavities.

Make your kids aware that they should refrain from eating sugary and starchy foods. Find out ways to make healthy foods like veggies and fruits interesting for them.

Ensure They Get Enough Fluoride

Fluoride is essential for kids’ healthy teeth. It hardens tooth enamel and reduces cavities in both baby and adult teeth. You may be getting fluoride from the water supply in your house, provided your water filter does not work on “reverse osmosis.”

If your dentist thinks your kids need a fluoride supplement, you can give fluoride-rich toothpaste or mouthwash.

Encourage Them to Eat Healthily

When it comes to children’s dental care, the primary focus is keeping teeth clean. While that is among the most critical aspects of kids’ dental care, a healthy diet is also vital for healthy teeth.

Teach your kids to avoid sugary and starchy foods. Encourage them to eat healthy and nutritious food like green vegetables, dairy products, fruits, etc.

Find out ways to make healthy foods like veggies and fruits interesting for them. You should consider getting a special toothbrush for kids. You can also get great deals from premium products like QUIP ToothBrushes which offer one model for adults, and one for kids.

Ask Your Kids to Maintain Mouth Safety

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Keeping the mouth safe is also a part of dental hygiene. This factor is more crucial for kids interested in contact sports. A mouthguard is a must-have accessory for your little champ. A mouthguard is a soft plastic retainer that covers the teeth and prevents injuries. It would be better if you could get a customized one.

Check for the Need for Dental Treatment for Kids

 When kids turn 3, they have 20 baby teeth. Kids lose them and gain adult teeth anytime between 6 to 12 years. Most teeth problems start to appear between these periods as your kids have a mix of baby and adult teeth.

You should consult the dentist when your kids turn 7. They can recommend if any dental treatment like braces for your kids is required.

Excessive Sucking of Thumb or Pacifier

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 Excessive thumb and pacifier sucking leads to dental issues such as misaligned and crooked teeth. But kids don’t end up with bad teeth if this habit continues for 4 years only. So you don’t need to worry till that time. Afterwards, you must ensure that your child comes out of the habit of sucking a thumb or pacifier.

Visit a Paediatric Dentist Early

Last but not least essential child dental care tip is to visit a dentist as soon as your child turns one year old. Don’t wait for a dental issue to arise in kids to see a pediatric dentist. In this way, any dental problem can be diagnosed early and hence can be treated more easily.

You can go for general inquiry as well. You can ask queries like how long kids should brush their teeth and what is the appropriate toothpaste for your kids. It is important to find local professional help with preventative dentistry and teeth cleaning London to advise you on these issues.


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