6 Tips on Getting into the Habit of Reading More

Did you know that reading reduces stress levels? According to research by the University of Sussex in England in 2009, reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. It is faster than other relaxation methods, such as listening to music, having tea, walking, or playing video games.

I do love reading. But I do confess I should be reading more books and sometimes, it is quite difficult to get into the habit of reading more. And I also understand that sometimes, it’s not easy to everyone to keep up with their reading.

Reading Format Matters 

I am not going to lie. It took me a while to get used to my kindle. If you love having a physical copy of the book, it can be a bit difficult to get into the habit of reading an e-book.

I love the smell of paper books, collecting bookmarks, and marking the texts with bright colours.

However, there are several readers who are already adept o e-books, whether they are read-specific or the smartphones themselves.

And I know for a fact that carrying a kindle around is a quite eco-friendly and practical popular option as well. I love reading e-books and now I am also an audiobook reader.

It also depends on where you plan to read. If you’re going to read on your commute or at home, how much weight do you want to carry around, among others?

E-books save a lot of space. It’s a perfect match for those living in small spaces who can’t have a bookcase at home. The best idea is always to go for the best reading format to make your life easier. Be practical!

Carry a Book with You

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I lost count of many times I have been waiting for long hours to be served in a shop or waiting for my GP appointment and wished I had a book with me.

This is when electronic reading devices make a lot of sense. They are easily stored inside the bag or backpack, and you can carry them anywhere.

Choosing smaller books that don’t weigh on your back is another way of keeping up with your reading. Be sure to always have them around and read a page or two when you have the chance to read it.

Talk about Books

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I follow hundreds of bookworms and book publishers on Instagram. It helps me to keep updated with new releases. It also gives me ideas on what to read next.

Social Media has helped us to be more connected with book lovers. You can talk about books with your mates in your local book club.

People who come together to comment on some specific book they’re reading. Also chat with your friends, exchange book tips, and borrow books. They can know your taste better and help you choose works that have more to do with you.

Have Realistic Reading Goals

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If you are familiar with Goodreads, you know we can sort out a reading challenge for the year. For example, I aimed to read 12 books in 2022. But I will probably finish this challenge with at least more two titles added to this list.

Sometimes, it can work in the opposite way, so just do it if you feel comfortable about it. To overcome this reading blockage, the best idea is to be realistic with your goals.

It can be about several books per month or per year. Or several pages read per day or per week. That way, you commit to fulfilling that amount of reading with yourself.

The ideal is to increase the goals with time and with practice. By the time you notice, you’ll be reading a lot more. But of course, you need to set realistic goals. It’s no use saying you’re going to read 100 pages a day if you can only stop for 15 minutes.

Sorting Your Reading Time

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I love reading before going to bed or first thing in the morning when everybody is still sleeping. But sorting your reading time is quite personal. Even if your day is taken over by various activities, take time so you can cultivate the habit of reading. Setting up a reading corner at home can help you to go for your pile of titles more quicker.

A lot of people like to read before going to bed. That’s an excellent option. First, because after a tiring and troubled day, reading can transport you to other worlds and make you feel more relaxed.

Whatever suits you, scheduling time for your reading will put you into a habit of reading more.

Finding Your Style

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I was talking about this with my husband another day when we were trying to figure out what styles of books we read more. I am a biography freak, while he likes thrillers most.

The truth is that the choice of reading is something very personal. I don’t like romances. The cheesy ones – and anything like Fifty Shades of Grey would be a nightmare for me. So, I avoid anything like it.

A good tip is bringing your personal taste beyond books. If you’re a fan of movies, you might like the books that have been adapted for the movies. If you like sci-fi, you might like futuristic themes, and so on. It will help you to find similar titles and recommendations.

Simone Ribeiro
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