Top Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks

Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so it’s important to protect it from any damage as best you can. If you don’t, you’ll end up with costly repairs. One thing that you’ll need to think about is preventing cracks and leaks. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Look Out for Warning Signs

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As a property settles overtime on the land it was built upon, there will likely be a little bit of unevenness, and this isn’t causing concern. However, you should try and look out for the warning signs that more dramatic changes are happening.  For instance, your doors and windows might fail to stay closed or jam easily, and you may notice cracks on the walls around your doorways/windows or in your flooring. If you notice any of this happening, you might want to seek professional advice.

Consider the Moisture Levels in the Ground

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According to this ground investigation company, the moisture levels in the ground around your property are important when it comes to the foundations of your building. When soil becomes too moist, it can expand a lot which puts pressure on the foundations. With that said, try and drain excess water away from the property.

Likewise, if the soil becomes too dry, it can shrink, and the foundations then shift into new gaps. So, during the summer months, remember to use sprinklers on your lawn to keep the soil slightly moist. You should also avoid planting trees and bushes too close to the property as they will soak up any excess moisture and dry out the soil. Their roots can also wreak havoc on your property’s foundations.

Check the Roof

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 You may not think to check your roof, but it’s important if you want to prevent leaks. This is because broken or missing roof tiles can allow rainwater to come through. If you don’t feel confident checking the roof yourself, employ a professional to help and make sure you replace any tiles that are broken.



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