Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Adventurous Dads

June has arrived, and it will be Father’s Day soon. Besides being a special time to enjoy alongside family, it is also time to reciprocate all the love that they have for us and give a little special something to please them. If your father is the type who likes to exercise and loves to have outdoor adventures, we also have the ideal gift for him.

Food Flask | Sho

Adventurer dads love to be in the outdoors. So, any travel gadget is always welcome. This gorgeous food flask is ideal for those who want to carry their fresh or hot food for any adventure.

It can be used to keep food hot or cold, including soups, salads, pasta, and even ice cream! Light, compact and portable, with a lid with push-button, so it is easy to carry and open.

Just remember that the retention of hot and cold content will depend directly on the use and frequency that your thermal bottle is opened and closed at the same load.

Paddle Board | Aquaplanet

For those fathers that have the tendency to enjoy a water sport or two, a paddleboard from Aquaplanet could be the perfect gift this Father’s Day.

Whether your father is a paddleboarding pro or just starting out, there is a range of different boards on the Aquaplanet website for all abilities! Accessible, fun, lightweight, and robust, these paddleboards can provide years of paddleboarding entertainment.

In fact, Aquaplanet is currently on a mission to try to get the first-ever paddle-boarding emoji created, if you’d like to support them then check out their paddle board petition!


Powercore 26800 – Portable Power Bank Charger | Anker

If you usually stay away from home all day or are always travelling, it’s important to have your phone constantly charged. The portable power bank charger is an essential tool to ensure it will be always charged.

For this reason, a Powercore 26800 charger can be the best option for dadas that constantly use their smartphone.

An elegant tool designed with advanced technology to ensure the fastest, optimum charging experience for you and your devices. Perfect for busy fathers who don’t have time to spare during their adventures outdoors.

Soundcore Life Q30 Noise Cancelling headphones | Anker

The ideal gift for this date so special that is Father’s Day, is one that combines practicality and good taste.

Each parent has a style, but all men love practical gifts. Think of something that can please you and at the same time be useful for leisure time.

For this reason, I can’t imagine a better present than the Soundcore LiFeQ30 – hybrid noise-cancelling headphones that are a perfect match for dads who takes music quite seriously during leisure and training times.

Life Q30’s noise cancellation minimises aeroplane engine noise, reduces traffic and wind noise, and dampens the sound of busy offices with people talking in the background.

Compact Small Sailing Boat | Reverso

This is the ultimate present for a father who likes to adventure in cold waters but doesn’t want to carry a lot of gear around. This compact small sailing boat is stealthy, light, and quite easy to be transported in a car.

Reverso is considered the boat that provides a fun and sustainable way of sailing and can be used for offshore racing, extreme sports, and aeronautics.

Surprise your father with a present that can connect families together to share their passion for sailing.

Eco Cool Bag | Thermos

Families who like to go camping will love this gift suggestion. This eco-cool bag is designed with sustainable material and it is made from 18 recycled pet bottles.

Just a perfect gift for dads that joined a more sustainable lifestyle and like to enjoy the outdoors without polluting this planet. An eco-cool bag is a picnic-ready item to keep fresh food and drinks conserved for long hours.

You can start planning a Father’s Day in the family in the wilderness now and enjoy some sarnies, cakes, and any other favourite food he would love to eat on this special date.

Protein Zero Sugar Cereal | Superzeros

Food is always a perfect gift for any special occasion. But if your father is the sportive one and likes to eat healthy before and after exercising, the protein zero sugar cereal Superzeros is a perfect brekkie option to help the active and health-conscious make a better choice to start their day.

Superzeros have combined fun flavours with uncompromising quality, creating the perfect go-to choice. I am in love with it, and I think it would be great to add it to any Father’s Day gift bundle.

It tastes so good that the whole family will enjoy I too. What about preparing a special breakfast in bed this Father’s Day to introduce Superzeros to your dad?

Running Trainers | Taroko 3

If your father enjoys training and practising sports, these running trainers are a cool alternative as a gift to him this Father’s Day.

The 361 Taroko 3  was designed to serve those runners who want the best of a road shoe on the trails. It brings comfort for running and hiking and can also be used on rides or on day-to-day life.

The MORPHIT fitting system provides a secure, snug, and virtually customized fit all around, and its elegant and comfortable design matches any father’s style.

Trainers Cleaner Wipes| Cherry Blossom

As you know, trainers are often made from many different materials, making a flexible, well-rounded cleaner essential, such as these trainers’ cleaner wipes.

I would love to find easy solutions to protect my trainers from the weather elements without necessarily needing to wash them all the time. And I guess, the fitness fathers out there also would love a present like this.

Using eco-friendly processes and componentry such as using locally sourced materials in the UK to provide the best cleaning solution to trainers.

Sleeping Beauty Supplement| Complete Me

Even the most hectic fathers need to have some rest and relax now and then. For this reason, I would add this sleeping beauty supplement to help them to good night’s sleep is the secret to looking and feeling great all day long.

If would worry about his well-being and want him to look and feel good. Here is the key to having a better sleeping pattern and a more relaxed morning. Together with this nutritional blend supplement, you can always also add to your bundle a sleep mask and sleep mist to make your Father’s Day (and night) complete.

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