Does Vinyl Work as Well as They Claim?

When people discuss luxury vinyl flooring, Luvanto is a brand that generates a lot of buzz from interior designers and online reviews – as well as those with an opinion on home decor.

Surely all of this attention points towards particular areas of satisfaction to overshadow any faults, or is it a case of actually doing what they say on the box?

The Look

Luxury vinyl flooring is a product that is loved by homeowners because of its realistic portrayal of elements like real hardwood, stone, or ceramic flooring. Its mock properties are what make it compatible for both the home and workplace whilst being an incredibly cost-effective flooring method.

Over the past few decades, vinyl flooring brands have put a lot of effort into the designs of their product to create many different tones and palettes. Brands such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provide a hassle-free fitting and do not settle for boring dull tones, which makes the Luvanto name an industry leader for many years.

Fitting Flooring in Place

The extra benefit of going with luxury vinyl flooring is the relative ease in joint locking systems that can be laid easily and rapidly within a single day if required (although advised for 48 hours to fully be accessible to heavier foot traffic).

Just regular vacuuming and mopping save as much money as time in keeping vinyl tiles clean. For one thing, you won’t require expensive polishes and cleaning solutions to eliminate stains and scratches. Anti-scratch and stain properties do the majority of the work, and a high slip resistance provides much more safety for your young and elderly.


Vinyl such as Luvanto vinyl flooring is among the most durable on the market that does not suffer regular wear and tear.

Built with a heavy-duty wear layer, it provides maximum protection against moisture and rising temperatures to ensure nothing comes unstuck or unplaced. If it’s a quiet floor you desire in certain parts of the house, vinyl is designed to deaden all loud noises.

Luxury vinyl flooring certainly offers maximum satisfaction to customers and is backed up with a warranty that is among the highest in the flooring market, giving assurance of their product being among the best money can buy for the home or workplace. No matter what you choose from vinyl flooring, you’ll have specifically manufactured durable products from some of the leading minds in flooring solutions.

This is why people turn to Luvanto flooring, such as oak herringbone flooring, when it comes to their flooring projects and why it garners the reputation of one of the best products on the market.

Simone Ribeiro
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